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French officer's clock so-called Capucine
  Wim van Klaveren

Antique clocks & Barometers.

10260 bracket172
  Howard Walwyn

Fine Antique Clocks.

2844 mantel201
Art-Deco silver and Lapis Desk Clock
  Dekker Antiquairs, since 1938

Antique watches, Jewellery.

h7527 bracket181

h7981 bracket182
  John Carlton-Smith

Fine Antique Clocks
& Barometers.

7428 bracket182
A very nice eight day time and strike bracket clock signed James Moor French, Royal Exchange, London . c1800
  Pacific Antique Clocks

Fine Antique Clocks

031 mantel182

An unusual French Louis XV pendule with a ormolu and chased brass case, made c. 1750 and signed on the dial and the movement: Ferdinand Berthoud à Paris.

053 bracket172

Italian night clock, c. 1680

148 table171

An antique German Renaissance tabernacle clock (Türmchenuhr) profusely engraved with biblical scenes. c. 1620.

159 table162

An antique German tabernacle clock (Türmchenuhr) c. 1590.

156 table171

A square Renaissance horizontal gilt brass antique table clock, signed on the backplate SA: HA:  (Samuel Haug Augsburg) c. 1630.

043 bracket172

A rare and good Dutch ebony basket top antique table clock with repeat and alarm, by Pieter Klock Amsterdam, circa 1690.

157 mantel192

An antique French globe clock c. 1875.

139 table181

A German antique square table clock made in Hamburg c. 1670.

125 table171

A German renaissance gilt brass table clock with moon phase, unsigned, most probably Augsburg, ca 1620.

127 table171

A German square table clock made in Augsburg c. 1630.

039 mantel191

A fine antique French harlequin mantel clock ‘Au bon Sauvage’ c.1820

Signed on the enamel dial:  Revel Rue De Richelieu

  Crijns & Stender

Fine antique clocks,
watches, barometers & instruments

9072 mantel182
Rare french “vase” clock with its “flambeaux”.

9075 bracket172
Tabernacle and pocket watch stand. (porte montre) Last quarter 17th c.
  Top Time S.R.L

Vintage wrist watches and
pocket watches.

m22 mantel191
A french ormolu clock of pastoral theme. Made circa 1820.

7508 bracket



  W. F. Turk

Fine Antique clocks

m01 mantel191

c.1810 Rare French Ormolu Two Horse Chariot Clock, 'The Chariot of Telemachus'.

abs02 mantel191

abs01 mantel191

Pendule au bon sauvage ‘Atala liberating Chactas’ France-Paris, date circa 1820

abs04 mantel182

Small pendule, 'Au matelot', ca 1795.

ct01 mantel191

model of Thomire

abs06 mantel191

Wooden viennese 'au bon sauvage' clock with moving eyes automaton and music box.

br04 bracket182

Jan B. Vrijthoff - Haghe

m04 mantel191

Jean André Reiche a Paris

b05 bracket182

Grote tafelklok met speelwerk met 18 hamers op 10 bellen met 4 melodieën en slagwerk op 1 bel, gesigneerd Jn. Jeffrys London, Engeland ca 1760.

b06 bracket182

P.v.d.Bergh - Rotterdam

abs12 mantel191

Blanc Fils Palais Royal

t07 mantel191

abs13 mantel191

Alibert - Paris

abs16 mantel191

abs17 mantel191

Pendule Directoire "Le Portefaix Au Bon Sauvage", Frankrijk, ca. 1815. Brons Design: Jean-Andre Rieche.

abs19 mantel191

abs024 mantel191

Guyou a Chalon SS

br11 bracket182

br12 bracket172

signature: Benj Collyer - London

ct02 mantel192

m12 mantel182

Laborie a Paris

m13 mantel191

Beautiful Empire Mantel Timepiece ‘La leçon d’Astronomie’. France ca. 1800

m16 mantel191

Empire antique and rare genre matelot mantel clock, France ca. 1810

ct03 mantel192

ct04 mantel182

Festau a Paris

m20 mantel191

m21 mantel191

Movement on the dial signed Blanc Fils, Palais Royal. c.1810 Ormolu and Patinated Bronze Mantel Clock

m22 mantel191

m23 mantel191

Thomas a Paris

pv03 mantel191

m28 mantel191

pv07 mantel191

J.J. Schmidt Hofuhrmacher, Karsruhe.

m31 mantel191

Quality bronze fire gilded mantelclock, signed on dial and backplate: 'Lesieur a Paris' ca. 1815

pv04 mantel191

(new object)

abs27 mantel191

(new object)

abs29 mantel182

Very rare French gilt bronze mantel clock, member of the 'Au bon Sauvage' familie, with a gilt statue of 'Mercury/Hermes' Roman/Greek god of trades and thieves, further identical to 'Au Matelot'. Directoire, ca 1795.

pv05 mantel191

Signature J.n Chambrot à Paris

abs30 mantel182

Very rare French gilt bronze mantel clock, member of the 'Au bon Sauvage' familie 'Au Chasseur Amérindien'. Directoire, ca 1795.

m37 mantel182

Signature: Bouchet, Horlogier du Roi

m39 mantel191

MANTEL CLOCK MYSTERIEUSE met sekondenaanduiding en kwartierslag, gesigneerd 'Robin' en 'Robin au Louvre' Franrijk, ca. 1800

abs31 mantel191

(new object)

m40 mantel191

Empire mantel clock, ‘La Liseuse’, ca. 1810.

pv02 mantel191

(new object)

pv01 mantel

(new object)

m43 mantel191

A very fine Empire gilt bronze figural mantle clock "L'étude" of eight day duration, signed on the white enamel dial Ch.les Le Roy with Roman numerals and a pair of blued steel hands for the hours and minutes.

ct07 mantel191

An extremely fine Empire mantle clock of eight day duration, and engraved “Un souffle la fait naître un souffle la détruit ainsi dans nos plaisirs l’heure apparaît et fuit”.

m44 mantel191

(new object)

m45 mantel182

Louis Seize pendule, ca 1780, gesigneerd: Thomas à Paris

m46 mantel191

Fraaie vuurvergulde pendule, Frankrijk ca. 1810.

m47 mantel191

Fraaie vuurvergulde pendule, Frankrijk ca. 1810, gesigneerd: Sironval - Palais Royal no. 142.

m50 mantel191

Fraaie, vuurvergulde pendule, Frankrijk ca. 1810. Signatuur: Blanc Fils a Palais Royal

m52 mantel191

(new object)

m53 mantel191

(new object)

m54 mantel182

A very decorative Louis XVI obelisk shaped clock in white marble and gilt bronze ornaments. The dial signed Thiéry à Paris. On the top is an armillary sphere and on the lower part two lions with drapery. Ca 1780. (61x24x17cm).

m59 mantel182

Bijzonder fraaie en volledig originele Louis Seize pendule op de achterplatine gesigneerd Le Roy Nantes, ca. 1780. Het 8 daagse uurwerk is uitgerust met een Petit Sonnerie slagwerk op 3 zilveren bellen.

m60 mantel191

Le Roy - Paris

m63 mantel191

Beautiful Empire Mantel Timepiece ‘La leçon d’Astronomie’ signed 'Piolaine à Paris'.

m66 mantel191

An early 19th century French patinated and gilt bronze figural mantel clock.

t09 bracket172

Wand- tafelklok, zgn. 'Religieuse', ca 1665, in ongerestaureerde staat, gesigneerd Gaudron Paris.

m68 mantel191

Vergulde pendule in zeer goede staat, gesigneerd 'Mugnier rue Richelieu', Frankrijk ca 1820.

m69 mantel191

(new object)

m73 mantel182

French clock, member of the 'Au bon Sauvage' familie, statue of 'Mercury/Hermes' Roman/Greek god of trades and thieves, signature: Cornu Thieri à Chalons sur Saône. Directoire, ca 1795.

m76 mantel182

A very rare Directoire - 1793-95 - gilt and patinated bronze mantle clock of eight day duration, the white enamel dial signed a  Paris

m77 mantel182

A very rare Directoire - 1793-95 - gilt bronze mantle clock of eight day duration, the white enamel dial signed Sallot à Paris

br19 bracket182

Hollandse tafelklok ca. 1770

m82 mantel201

An early 1932 Rhodium plated art deco J. L. Reutter four-glass clock

M84 mantel191

(new object)

m85 mantel202

LeCoultre Atmos Art Deco Tafelklok Eind- 50 er Jaren

br21 bracket172

Fraaie miniatuur wand- tafelklok, zgn. 'Religieuse', met gaand- en slagwerk, ca 1690, in een fraai gerestaureerde staat, dubbel gesigneerd: 'De Hecque' - Paris.

br22 bracket172

Bijzondere miniatuur wand- tafelklok, zgn. 'Religieuse', met gaand werk, ca 1660, in een fraaie, originele staat, gesigneerd Jaques Hory - Paris.

m86 mantel191

c.1830 French Marble and Ormolu Swinging Portico Clock, Béchot à Paris.

m91 mantel202

Jaeger LeCoultre Atmos tafelklok uit begin 70 er jaren.

m09 mantel191

(new object)

m95 mantel191

French mantel clock, ‘Lectura', signed 'Lepaute - Paris', ca. 1808.

m97 mantel201

Art Deco Glaspendule

m99 mantel202

LeCoultre Atmos Tafelklok uit de 50er jaren.

m106 mantel202

LeCoultre Atmos tafelklok uit de begin 50er jaren. Kaliber 526

m107 mantel202

LeCoultre Atmos tafelklok uit de eind 50er jaren. Kaliber 526

m109 mantel202

LeCoultre Atmos klok Kaliber 528 midden 50er jaren.

m112 mantel191

Pendule au bon sauvage ‘Atala liberating Chactas’ Paris, date circa 1820 Height 40 cm, width 32 cm, depth 11 cm.

br24 bracket172

Een Franse Religieuse, gemaakt omstreeks 1675 met de signering: Daniël Clavier Paris.

m93 mantel191

Fraaie vuurvergulde miniatuur pendule, Frankrijk rond 1820/1830.

atmos mantel
Atmos History

m115 mantel201

An early 1930's Rhodium plated art deco J. L. Reutter four-glass clock.

m118 mantel182

A rare and most unusual Louis XV mantel clock of fire-gilt ormolu signed by Henri Rossius A Liege.

m124 mantel201

Atmos Reutter 'Radiologie' PO 1

br25 bracket172

Franse Religieuse ca. 1680, gesigneerd Thomas Rumault - Amiens.

m122 mantel201

An early 1930 nickel plated art deco style J.L. Reutter four-glass atmos clock, small version.

m123 mantel201

J.L. Reutter Atmos clock ca. 1930

m125 mantel201

An early 20th century French marble Atmos mantel timepiece Reutter, number 3563

m132 mantel201

An early 1930 nickel plated art deco style J.L. Reutter four-glass atmos clock, small version. Superb original condition!

m127 mantel201

A Reutter nickel Atmos, no 6972, 5 glasses, France circa 1930.

m134 mantel201

Atmos clock, skeleton dial and glass dome, Reutter nr. 2253, France ca. 1930.

m135 mantel202

Jaeger LeCoultre Atmos 'Paco Rabanne', ca 1974

m140 mantel202

Mantel Clock Jaeger-LeCoultre 'ATMOS REGULATEUR TRANSPARENTE' Perpetual Motion mantle Clock

M141 mantel201

J.L. Reutter Atmos #6689

M146 mantel201

Atmos in Palissander, J.L.Reuter nr. 4424, France, ca. 1930.

M145 mantel202

Atmos Classique Transparente Phases de lune ref. 5145201



M149 mantel201

Atmos in Amboina hout, J.L.Reuter in Amboina hout, France, ca. 1930.

M138 mantel201

A Reutter chrome Atmos, no 4881, 5 glasses, France circa 1930.

M152 mantel201

Atmos clock, skeleton dial and glass dome, Reutter nr. 3028, France ca. 1930.

M153 mantel201

A Reutter nickel Atmos, no 3258, 5 glasses, France circa 1930.

M154 mantel201

Wooden Atmos clock, coromandel veneers, J.L. Reutter,model LG I,No 617, France circa 1930.

M155 mantel201

An early 1932 Rhodium plated art deco J. L. Reutter four-glass clock.

M156 mantel191

This antique gilt French Empire clock is from the rare group of clocks known as 'genre clocks' that often depicted everyday and amusing scenes from life and folklore.

M161 mantel201

Atmos clock, Amboina wood, J.L. Reutter, nr 919, France circa 1930.

M162 mantel201

M162 JL REUTTER Atmos Clock with Mercury mechanism / Off catalog - Art Deco Z 2007) to 1931-1934

m165 mantel201

An early 20th century French marble Atmos mantel timepiece set Reutter, number 1528.

M158 mantel201

An early 20th century French marble Atmos mantel timepiece Reutter.

M166 mantel191

Een zeer ongebruikelijke verguld bronzen pendule of tafelklok met kalender, fasen van de maan en de retrograde wijzerplaten.

M164 mantel191

Bronzen 'Aurora' pendule met snekuurwerk. ca. 1820

T14 table172

Rare early gilt brass and silver mounted hexagonal table clock with alarm, the three train movement with outside countwheel signed Davit Mohr, ca 1690.

M169 mantel201

M169 Coromandel houten Reutter Atmos klok, Art Deco periode en stijl, Frankrijk ca 1930.

M167 mantel201

Atmos clock, skeleton dial and glass dome, Reutter nr. 3613, France ca. 1930.

T16 table192

High rectangular astronomical Augsburger clock with corner posts, ca. 1850

M171 mantel191

French Empire mantel clock 'La laitiere', ca. 1820. Signature: Le Clerc a Bruxelles

t15 table181

18 Century, Hongaria ca. 1720 Four Angular housing with bronze moldings and four glazed insights on the movement. Fold-down sub-floor with a view of balance and screwed bell.

M173 mantel202


T18 table172

Vroege tafelklok met fusee werk van Nederlandse maker Christian Minepott. Sluitschijf slagwerk op een bel in de bodem en repetitie bij 2 uur, ca. 1685

M137 mantel201

(new object)

m175 mantel182

Fraaie Louis XVI leeuwpendule

m176 mantel201

(new object)

M177 mantel201

An early 1930's Rhodium plated art deco J. L. Reutter four-glass clock

M183 mantel201


M184 mantel201

A Reutter nickel Atmos, no 5626, 5 glasses, France circa 1930. 

M186 mantel201

(new object)

M189 mantel

(new object)

M193 mantel201

(new object)

M191 mantel201

(new object)

M194 mantel201

(new object)

M195 mantel201

(new object)

M197 mantel201

(new object)

M198 mantel201

(new object)

M187 mantel201

(new object)

M201 mantel201

(new object)

M199 mantel201

(new object)

M200 mantel201

(new object)

M181 mantel201

(new object)

M136 mantel201

(new object)

M209 mantel201

(new object)

m204 mantel201

(new object)

M208 mantel201

(new object)

m203 mantel201

(new object)

M212 mantel201

(new object)

M217 table201

(new object)

M218 mantel201

(new object)

M220 mantel201

(new object)

M222 mantel202

(new object)

M215 mantel201

(new object)

m223 mantel201

(new object)

M214 mantel201

(new object)

M224 mantel191

(new object)

BR28 bracket182

(new object)

M228 mantel201

(new object)

m227 mantel191

(new object)

M226 mantel201

(new object)

m230 mantel202

(new object)

m231 mantel191

(new object)

m233 mantel201

(new object)

m248 mantel201

(new object)

m252 mantel201

(new object)

oda88 table202

(new object)

ct08 mantel192

(new object)

M253 mantel201

(new object)

M254 mantel201

(new object)

m256 mantel201

(new object)

m255 mantel202

(new object)

m257 mantel201

(new object)

m242 mantel191

(new object)

M219 mantel201

(new object)

m239 mantel201

(new object)

M246 mantel201

(new object)

M247 mantel201

(new object)

m259 mantel201

(new object)

M260 mantel201

(new object)

  Van Brug Collection

Fine Antique Clocks and fine Art

R9373 bracket172

R9376 bracket181
  Gerald E. Marsh.

Fine Clocks bought and sold
Repairs, Restorations, Valuations


French Pendule






from 1840

  A. Hidding

Classic Antique Watches, Clocks, Chronometers, Pendulum Clocks, specialized in antique watches and antique precicions watches of Glashuette (Saxonia), Germany.

12 mantel191
A small French Empire gilt bronze and crystal portico mantel clock, ca. 1810, height 37½cms

f mantel182
A French Louis XVI ormolu mounted white and blue biscuit mantel clock, signed on the dial Gavelle à Paris, ca. 1790, height 41cms

3308 mantel191
Attractive porcelain vase clock in Louis XVI-style

4209 mantel191
Library mantel clock, Empire

uk2911 bracket181
Tho. Cartwright Watchmaker to the King London

4309 mantel182
An impressive Louis XVI mantel clock

F12 mantel182
A French 2nd Empire 8-day and striking mantel clock

5510 bracket172
Pendule religieuse gesigneerd Lejuste à Paris
  Hans Kreft

Fine Antique Clocks

11784 bracket182

An 18th century Dutch bracket clock. Pieter Schulken Amsterdam in a plain wallnut case. H. 60 cm.

11851 bracket172

Dumier a Burssin. A rare early Swiss Pendule Religieuse (bracket clock) with silver dial. c. 1690.



Редкая рано Швейцарский настольные часы с серебристым циферблатом. с. 1690.

  F. Kats

Antique Horology
and Instruments

P008 mantel182

A French, eighteenth-century Louis XVI porcelain and ormolu brass mantel clock, signed Godon, c. 1790.

9168 mantel182
CHARLES DUTERTRE À PARIS. A French, eighteenth-century Louis XVI ormolu mantle clock, c. 1780. Height: 32 cm.

723 mantel182
Revel mantle clock

P001 mantel182
The Victory of Science, Rare Finely Chased and Gilt Bronze Mantel Clock, Paris, early Louis XVI period, circa 1775

P003 mantel182
Architectural Gilt Bronze Cartonnier Mantle Clock Paris, early Louis XVI period, circa 1770-1775 Lepaute, horloger du Roi à Paris and case attributed to Robert Osmond

P007 mantel182
Allegory of Study, Important Chased Gilt Bronze Neoclassical Clock. Gabriel-Pierre Peignat, Horloger and Elie Barbezat, émailleur. Case Attributed to Jean-Joseph de Saint-Germain. Paris, early Louis XVI period, circa 1770-1775

P016 mantel182
Gilt Bronze Mantel Clock, Mennessier à Paris. Paris, Directoire period, circa 1795.

P020 mantel182
The Altar of Venus, Fine Chased and Gilt Bronze "Cercle Tournant" Clock. Paris, Louis XVI period, circa 1775-1780

P024 mantel182
Allegory of Spring, Rare Gilt Bronze and White Marble Mantel Clock. Xavier Gide. Paris, Louis XVI period, circa 1775-1780

P025 mantel182
The Altar of Venus, A Gilt Bronze Mantle Clock. Martin Baffert Paris, Louis XVI period, circa 1785

P029 mantel182

Paul and Virginie clock, White Marble and Gilt and Patinated Bronze Clock. Case by Jean-Simon Deverberie. Paris, Directoire period, circa 1795

P031 mantel191
Urania, Important White Marble Clock Attributed to Sculptor François Masson (1745-1807). Paris, early Empire period, circa 1805

P032 mantel191
Bronze Filigree Garniture. Paris, first half 19th century, circa 1840.

P033 mantel182
White Marble and Ormolu Oriental Style Lyre Clock with Skeleton Movement. Jacques-Thomas Bréant. Paris, Louis XVI period, circa 1785

P034 mantel182
Important Chased Gilt Bronze Neoclassical Clock. Charles-Cécile Filon and Robert Osmond. Paris, early Louis XVI period, circa 1775

P035 mantel182
Sacrifice to Faithful Love, Important Gilt and Patinated Bronze and White Marble Clock. Jacques-Auguste Détour. Paris, Louis XVI period, circa 1785

P037 mantel182
Love and Friendship, Rare White Marble and Chased Gilt Bronze Clock. Nicolas-Alexandre Folin Paris, Louis XVI period, circa 1780-1785

P040 mantel182
Allegories of Sculpture and Architecture, Rare Chased and Gilt Bronze Neo-classical Clock.Robert Osmond and Pierre Edelinne. Paris, early Louis XVI period, circa 1775

P044 mantel191
Love Led by Fidelity, Rare Gilt Bronze and Enamel Chariot Clock. Case Attributed to Antoine-André Ravrio Dial Attributed to Etienne Gobin, known as Dubuisson. Paris, Empire period, circa 1805-1810

P045 mantel182
Allegory of the Sciences, Rare Chased Gilt Bronze Neo-Classical Clock. Frédéric Duval, Case Attributed to Jean-Joseph de Saint-Germain. Paris, early Louis XVI period, circa 1775

R008 mantel182
The Sacrifice to Love. Finely Chased Gilt Bronze Clock Paris, Directoire period, circa 1795

P048 mantel191

The Metamorphosis of Clytia Mantel Clock

Attributed to Claude Galle (1759-1815)

Important Gilt Bronze Mantel Clock 

Paris, Empire period, circa 1810

P051 mantel182

Charles Leroy à Paris

Case attributed to Jean-Joseph de Saint-Germain 

Important Chased Gilt and Patinated Bronze Mantel Clock 

Allegory of Study


P053 mantel182

Case Attributed to Jean-Simon Deverberie (1764 - 1824)

Rare Chased and Gilt Bronze Mantel Clock 

“The Temple of Love”  

Paris, Directoire period, circa 1795 

Height 51 cm; diameter 23 cm

P055 mantel191

Important Gilt Bronze and Swedish Porphyry War Trophy Mantel Clock 

Sweden, Empire period, first third of the 19th century, circa 1815-1820

Height 56 cm; base 17.5 cm x 17.5 cm

P056 mantel181

Louis Bausse 

Terra Cotta Figure after a Model by Louis-Simon Boizot (1743-1809)

Rare “Egyptian Caryatid” Terra Cotta Mantel Clock  

Paris, early Empire period, circa 1805 


P057 mantel182

Louis-François-Amable Molliens

Rare White Marble and Gilt Bronze Mantel Clock 

“Cupid and Psyche” 

Paris, late Louis XVI period, circa 1785-1790



P064 mantel182

Rare Sphinx Mantle Clock 

Paris, Louis XVI period, circa 1785

Height 52.5 cm; width 32.5 cm; depth 15 cm


P068 mantel191


Rare Gilt Bronze Mantel Clock “Allegory of Love and Fidelity” 

Paris, Consulate period, circa 1800

Height 48.5 cm; width 32 cm; depth 11.5 cm

P071 mantel182

Rare Gilt Bronze and Rouge Griotte Marble Mantel Clock 

“The Sacrifice to Love”

Paris, late Louis XVI period, circa 1790


P072 mantel182

Robert Robin (1741-1799)

Case Attributed to Robert Osmond (1711-1789)

Important Chased and Gilt Bronze Mantel Clock 

“Allegory of Knowledge”

P073 mantel182

Dieudonné Kinable 

Important Gilt Bronze and Marble Mantel Clock

“Domingue, Paul and Virginie”

Paris, Directoire period, circa 1795 

P075 mantel191

Terra Cotta Case Attributed to Louis-Simon Boizot or his Workshop

Rare Terra Cotta “Egyptian” Mantel Clock 

Egyptian Urania or Allegory of Geometry 

Paris, Consulate period, circa 1800

P083 mantel182

Jean-Baptiste III Albert Baillon (d. 1772)

Jean-Joseph de Saint-Germain (Paris 1719-1791) 

An important Louis XV gilt bronze mantle clock 

Paris, circa 1750-55 


P085 mantel182

Important Gilt Bronze Cartonnier Mantle Clock

“Clockmaker’s Model” 

Paris, early Louis XVI period, circa 1775-1780 

Height 43.5 cm; width 50.2 cm; depth 25.7cm

P086 mantel182

Important White Marble “Cercles Tournants” Mantel Clock

Paris, Louis XVI period, circa 1775-1785 

Height 39.5cm; width including handles 21 cm; base 11.5 cm x 11.5 cm


P090 mantel182

Case Attributed to Jean-Joseph de Saint-Germain

Rare Gilt Bronze Mantel Clock 

Paris, Louis XV period, circa 1755-1760  

Height 52.5cm; width 34 cm; depth 19 cm 

P092 mantel182

Exceptional Porcelain Lyre Mantel Clock from the Royal Sèvres Porcelain Manufactory

Paris, late Louis XVI period, circa 1785-1790 

Height 62 cm; width 26 cm; depth 16 cm 

  La Pendulerie

Exeptional Clocks & Fine Arts

20 mantel182
A good French mantle clock with original fire gilt mounts. Circa 1800
  Campbell & Archard Ltd

Specialist in early Viennese clocks

10867 bracket191

Quarter chiming bracket clock signed Barrauds, Circa 1800.  £17000.00

  Neill Robinson Blaxill Ltd

Fine Antique Clocks, Sundail & Barometers.


A 'Pendule' Louis XVI. France c 1760. Dial and mouvement signed: Charles du Tertre a Paris.
  Peter Heuer

Fine Antique Clocks

C3800 mantel182
French Mantel clock, Temple d'Amour. 1790

C4000 mantel192
Pendule "Aux trois grâces", vers 1870.

Decovigny mantel181
French mantel clock Signée de : Decovigny A Paris

9039 bracket172
A night clock made in Rome, Italy, in 1682 by the famous Vatican clockmaker Pietro Tommaso Campani.
  Antique Clocks - Pendulantic

Antique clocks
sale and restoration

h7549 bracket191
John Moore & sons, London

h7978 bracket191
lancet top mantel / table clock. Unsigned.

h8412 bracket182
John Ireland, London C.1775

h8413 bracket191
J.O.Simpson, Lichfield.

h8416 bracket191
Westwood, London

h8417 bracket172
Thomas Speakman, London

h8418 bracket182
Eardley Norton, London

h8421 mantel182
John Le Roux, London

h8422 bracket192
Webster, London

h8423 bracket191
Lashmore, Southampton

h8426 bracket191
Wm Wilson, Strand, London

h8427 bracket
A very good ebonised timepiece which is a replica of Fromanteels first pendulum clock.

h8429 bracket182
Francis Perigal, London

h8430 bracket191
John Strahan Hull

h8432 bracket181
Edmund Baillot, Paris

h8434 bracket182
James Stewart, Glasgow

h8435 bracket192
Geo. Taylor, Wolverhampton

h8437 bracket191
Thomas Pace, London

h8441 bracket191
A Small tortoiseshell clock signed ''Dumoulineuf Paris''

h8442 bracket181
A Tortoiseshell and brass clock signed Graham, London.
  Northern Clocks.

Fine provincial antique
longcase and bracket clocks for the discerning
Collector - Furnisher - Investor.

173 table201

Atmos clock,  rosewood and chrome, Jaeger LeCoultre ca. 1942.

178 table201

Atmos clock, nickel case J. L. Reutter, no 1397, France ca. 1930.

186 table191

Zappler clock, wooden mascot figure, miniature clock, Paris  circa 1880.

190 mantel191

Attractive small mantel clock / pendulette, Amor  with wheelbarrow, Austria circa 1810.

197 mantel201

A fine Atmos clock, nickel case, by Jean-Léon Reutter, No 3615, France ca. 1930. (new object)


A fine and rare Empire ‘Au Bon Savage’ clock, ‘The Stretcher Bearers’ by Godeby à Paris, circa 1815

197. table192

A French miniature carriage clock with two Sèvres portraits, circa 1880.


French portico regulator clock, Champion à Paris ca 1840.


Guilmet lighthouse clock witth helical spring torsion pendulum, c. 1885.


Horizontal Table Clock, Kriedel LONDON, Caca 1740.


Nautical theme clock, automaton from the Industrial Series, Guilmet, France c.1880-1890.


A Louis XVI fire gilded and patinated bronze and marble mantel clock 'Pendule à l’étude', circa 1785.

  Van Dreven Antiquair

Fine antique Clocks,
Barometers and Music boxes

2009 mantel191

Empire Mantel Clock in the Form of a Swan
French or German (Berlin), Circa 1805-1815

1130 mantel191

Empire Mantel Clock, signed 'Galle Rue Vivienne à Paris', Paris, circa 1805. Giltbronze, dark green marble.

1524 mantel182

Louis XVI Ormolu Mantel clock, Paris, circa 1785-1790.

1885 bracket182

Table Clock by David Roentgen and Nicolas Delolme, Brunswick, circa 1785-90.

1175 mantel191

Mantel Clock, signed Festeau Le Jeune a Paris, France, 19th century.

1859 mantel182

Mantel Clock, signed G. Cornille a Düsseldorf. Circa 1775.

1788 mantel191

Austrian Mantel Clock, Vienna, circa 1825.

1641 mantel182

(new object)

1619 mantel191

Empire Mantel Clock. Apollo playing the Lyre. Signed Dartois Fils, Paris. Circa 1815.

1533 mantel191

Empire Mantel Clock, Jason with the Golden Fleece. Signed Ledure & Hemon.

1470 mantel182

Large Obelisk Mantel Clock. Paris, circa 1780.

1295 bracket181

Italian Table Clock, signed Ioseph Selvaggio, fecit. Palermo (?), circa 1735.

1437 bracket182

Louis XV Vernis Martin Bracket Clock, Paris, circa 1770. Signed: Festeau le Jeune.

  Viebahn Fine Arts

The finest pieces of
clocks, furniture and works of art.

20 bracket191
Desbois & Wheeler - London A fine early 19th century table/bracket clock
  P. A. Oxley

Quality British antique clocks & barometers

200 mantel191
200. A FINE FRENCH MANTEL CLOCK 'ROBINSON CRUSOE', unsigned, circa: 1810.

142 mantel201


  Fontijn Antiek

Fine Antique Barometers & Instruments

B58-385 mantel201

An early C20th mahogany single fusee timepiece by Davall & Sons.

GH691020 bracket201

Brass Striking Bracket Clock by Peerless

A343 bracket191

Rosewood Passing Strike Fusee Bracket Clock

BC152434 bracket191

Timepiece Regency Bracket Clock

G519942 mantel192

English Fusee Timepiece Black Marble Mantel clock, Frodsham & Baker

B559 mantel191

Gilt and patinated bronze French striking mantel clock

BO763 bracket191

Mahogany fusee striking Bracket Clock By Barrauds, Cornhill, London

Vul mantel191

Regency fusee mantel timepiece by Vulliamy

VH68 mantel201

Bronze Falcon Sculpture Mantel Clock, dated 1906


Ebonised striking Bracket Clock, James Reynolds

B222 mantel192

Small antique striking Mantel Clock by Thomas, Paris

JC mantel191

English Regency Drum Clock, c.1810

1530 bracket192

Rosewood quarter-chiming Bracket Clock, chiming on 8 bells

D897 bracket182

Musical quarter chiming bracket Clock by Thomas Wagstaffe, London

BFr mantel191

English striking rosewood clock by French, Royal Exchange

GH116 table191

Fusee Striking Regency Bracket Clock

1492 mantel191

French Empire mantel clock

MGar mantel192

Miniature White Marble Clock Garniture Set

1449 mantel192

Miniature Austrian timepiece Mantel Clock

WMF mantel201

Silver finish Clock Garniture set by WMF


Alfred Dunhill Art Deco clock & pipe stand

Vuli mantel191

Black marble Timepiece mantel clock by Vulliamy

Guil table192

Guilmet Automaton Windmilll clock

Ch897 mantel201

Chrome Art Deco Table Lamp with Clock

APWa mantel192

Antique striking mantel clock by Winterhalder & Hofmeier

Beha mantel192

Beha cuckoo clock model 519

  Carlton Clocks

Clock Restoration & Sales

522 mantel182
A magnificent porcelain portico clock by Corniquet à Paris

622 mantel191
A very fine Empire mantle clock

637 mantel191
A beautiful Empire marble figural clock

656 mantel191
A very fine Empire gilt and patinated bronze figural mantle clock of eight day duration, signed on the white enamel dial Ch.les Le Roy

680 mantel182

A very important Louis XV gilt bronze astronomical mantle clock of eight day duration, signed on the case below the white enamel dial Millot

709 mantel182
A very fine Louis XVI gilt bronze mounted Paris Porcelain and marble mantle clock

892 mantel182

A wonderful Louis XVI paste-set gilt bronze and Campan Melange marble lyre clock, signed on the white enamel dial Manière à Paris

938 mantel182
An very fine Louis XVI gilt bronze mantle clock of eight day duration signed on the white enamel dial Barancourt à Paris

945 mantel191
A very fine quality Empire gilt and patinated bronze and red marble figural clock of fourteen day duration attributed to Claude Galle
  Richard Redding

Masterpieces of the Past

736 mantel191
pendulette 'Bachus'

746 mantel191
glass-pendule 'Galle, rue Vivienne a Paris'

786 mantel191
glass-pendule 'Guiot a Paris'

774 mantel191
table regulator

5399 mantel191
english table clock

742 mantel191
Intarsia portico clock

791 mantel182
large thuja clock 'Cuisin a Paris'

789 mantel191
pendule retour d'Egypte 'de la Fosse, chaussee d'antin a paris'

4514 mantel192

6655 bracket172

Pendule religieuse by Isaac Thuret à Paris

0592 mantel182
pendulette with early oignon movement 'Gaudron a Paris'

8221394 mantel191
french bow-clock 'Chopin a Paris'

260240 mantel191
French plumpudding-mahogany (acajou-mouchete) clock 'Lemasurier,Suc. de Gl. LeRoy, rue du Temple No. 115 a Paris'

260243 mantel191
white marble portico ckock

5373 mantel191
Orpheus and Euridice clock

4060940 mantel191
Mill automation clock 'Sacre a Paris'

8230163 mantel191
french mantelclock for Dutch market 'Bollengier a la Haye'

7210151 mantel182
french revolution clock with decimal and traditional hours

5070013 mantel191
Guilded french clocks with silvered dial

3607 mantel181

0234 mantel191

3687 mantel192

3711 mantel191

Pendule 'Cleret', knife suspension, gridiron pendulum, visible escapement, central seconds

2291 mantel191

french 'Library' clock, 'Labeille a Paris'

5070014 mantel191
french marble clock with silvered dial

4412 mantel192
clock, thermometer and barometer

9412 mantel172

9050 mantel172

7185 mantel191

Brass casted french portico mantel clock in gothic style.

6695 mantel

french vase clock

6130 mantel191

manual french desk calendarium

8835 mantel192

Antieke vuurvergulde pendule van Le Roy & Fils, werk van Honoré Pons met een 'à Coup Perdu' echappement van 'Auguste Pointaux, Galerie Montpensier, 13-15 Palais-Royal, Paris' en '211 Regent Street, London' (1856-1875).

  W. Kerkhof.

Antique Clocks, watches & Barometers.

h7765 bracket191
Small, neat, flat top, ebonised, case with brass inlays, brass ”acorn” feet.

h7768 bracket182
Richly coloured mahogany bell top case with caryatids to front door corners, cast rococo feet, side handles, flambeau finials and side frets. Finely pierced top cresting.

h7771 mantel
Black Belgian limestone with gilt filled decoratively incised rouge marble front panels and dial centre.Cast brass “hairy paw” feet, lion head/ring side handles and cresting.
  Allan Smith

Antique Clocks. Longcase moonphase our speciality

ij01 mantel181
(new object)

80 bracket181

An ebonized quarter repeating bracket clock, circa 1730

6641 mantel192
Time is Money, mantel garniture.

9183 mantel191
A white marble and ormulu antique mantel clock, Vaillant a Paris, c. 1805.

9227 mantel192
A French pendulette 'Veilleuse' ca 1900.

9765 mantel182

An antique original Empire french mantel clock. Le Sieur a Paris.

9974 mantel191

9974 A very fine ormulu mantel clock, ca. 1810.

9975 bracket182
Bracket clock made by B.Stumbels of London. c.1760 (Piazza Covent Garden).

10151 bracket181
Swiss ‘pendule relieuse’ (Neuchatel), by Jean-Pierre Ducommun, 1st half 18th C.

10836 bracket172

Dumier a Burssin. A rare early Swiss Pendule Religieuse (bracket clock) with silver dial. c. 1690.



Редкая рано Швейцарский настольные часы с серебристым циферблатом. с. 1690.

11144 bracket182

An antique 18th century Dutch bracket clock. Pieter Schulken Amsterdam. H. 60 cm.

11153 mantel182

A Louis XVI Marble and Bronze French mantel clock, Berthoud A Paris. H.

  Market, For Sale

Objects for sale from various sources.

Pendule les trois grâces.Epoque Louis XVI.

Pendule en Bronze ciselé, doré signée de Saint Germain.

Pendule Tête de Minerve en Bronze ciselé, doré et patiné.

Pendule à mouvement de montre, signée de Alexandre Brochet à Paris No. 508.

05 mantel182
Pendule Pagode ca 1785.
  Pascal Izarn

Pendules & Objets d'Art

N105 mantel182
(new object)

178 mantel191
il Re di Roma

1112 mantel191
  La Pendulerie

Pendules & Objets d'Art

8097 bracket172
Brounker Watts, London

h8110 mantel191
Benjamin Vulliamy, London No. 326
  Carter - Wright

Fine & Interesting Clocks

h6078 bracket191

h6914 bracket172

h7819 mantel192

R7820 mantel191

h7951 bracket192

h7963 mantel191

h8489 bracket182

9328 bracket181
  Derek Roberts

Fine antique Clocks
Barometers & Music boxes

h8499 bracket182

h8501 bracket181
Richard Fennel, Kensington, London.
  Raffety Ltd.

Fine English & Continental
Antique Clocks & Barometers

vd153 mantel182

JEAN-SIMON DEVERBERIE PARIS. Directoire mantel clock, c. 1790. Height: 49 cm.

vd154 mantel182

ANTOINE MOSBRUCKER SAVERNE FRANCE. Spring-driven rack clock, c. 1780. Height: 30 cm.

fk151 bracket172

DUMIER, BURSINS SWITZERLAND, Pendule religieuse, c. 1690. Height: 44 cm.

cg151 mantel191

LOUIS BAUSSE PARIS, Terra-cotta Empire clock, c. 1805. Height: 50.5 cm.

cg152 mantel191

ZACHARIE RAINGO PARIS. Planetarium clock, c. 1810-15. Height: c. 54.5 cm.

cg153 mantel182

PARIS. Cercle-tournants table clock, c. 1785. Height: c. 43.5 cm.

cg154 mantel182

LOUIS WALTRIN PARIS, Marble and ormolu mantel clock, c. 1785. Height: c. 49 cm.

mr153 table162

SOUTHERN NETHERLANDS, Tabernacle clock with travelling case, c. 1560. Height: 18 cm. 

mr154 table162

GERMANY. Astronomical table clock, c. 1570. Height: 28 cm.

jn151 mantel191

CLAUDE GALLE PARIS. French Empire pendule, c. 1810. Height: 52 cm.

jn153 bracket181

CORNELIUS LERB REGENSBURG. A German spring-driven table clock, c. 1735. Height: 55 cm.

jn154 bracket181

NICOLAS DE BEEFE MECHELEN BELGIUM. Spring-driven table clock, c. 1740. Height: 53 cm

nr151 bracket181

SIMON DE CHARMES LONDON. Walnut spring-driven table clock, c. 1730. Height: 39 cm. 

nr153 bracket182

THOMAS GRINNARD LONDON. An ebonised automaton spring clock, c. 1770. Height: 64 cm. 

nr154 bracket182

ROBERT MANLEY LONDON. A mahogany musical spring-driven table clock, c. 1790. Height: 51 cm. 

rr152 mantel182

PIERRE MILLOT PARIS. Astronomical mantel clock, c. 1760. Height: 75 cm.

rr154 mantel182

AUGUSTIN FORTIN. A Louis XVI planetarium clock, c. 1770. Height: 53 cm. 

Mt153 bracket181

ROGER DUNSTER AMSTERDAM. An ebony-veneered spring-driven table clock, c. 1735. Height: 55 cm.

vk151 bracket172

MATHIEU MARGUERITE PARIS. Pendule Religieuse, c. 1670-75. Height: 52 cm. 

hw162 bracket172

(new object)

tt171 mantel182

(new object)

  Desk Diary Project

Pictures to submit for preview and evaluation.

HP0314 mantel191

Important Empire mantel clock (1815 ca.) of incredible level of chasing, representing Love which crowns the Friendship, original gilded mercury bronze in the matt and brilliant.

HP2803 mantel191

Prestigious and exclusive figural mantel clock in red marble and patinated and Ormolu bronze, representing Homer singing on the ruins of Troy .

HP0886 mantel191

Beautiful columned portico clock, Charles X period inlaid with floral decoration in pink and lemon fillets with gilt bronze ornamentation finely crafted original mercury.

  Chez Maxim Art Gallery

Fine Antique Clocks & Objects of Art

10 mantel181
c.1745 Silver-Gilt, Gilt-Wood, and Painted Grand Sonnerie Mantel Clock with Swinging Jester and Universal Dial, Joseph Graff, Prague.
  Sundial Farm

Antique Clocks

10 mantel191
Glazed Porcelain vase clock with applied Bisque swags and garlands by Niederviller.
  Timely Investments

French and English clocks and watches
from the 18th and 19th Centuries.

0275 bracket
An attractive English Japanned bracket clock by Conyers Dunlop london, circa 1750.

0220 bracket182
An impressive mahogany bracket-clock by James Crossley London, circa 1780.

0216 mantel
A French Empire ormolu and marble mantel clock, signed: "Lamiral a Paris", c.a. 1800

0242 bracket182
A rare German mahogany table clock of 8-day duration by Peter Behrens Schleswig, last quarter 18th Century.

0120 mantel191
A porcelain French miniature Sappler timepiece by Jacob Petit, circa 1850.

0031 mantel181
An attractive South German small red tortoishell and ebonized bracket timepiece with automaton, circa 1740.

0024 mantel
Swiss mahogany quarter striking repeating mantel clock, Robert, circa 1790

0159 table182
A small and attractive horizontal table clock by P.l Radzinski A Breslau, circa 1750

0147 mantel192

A very small and unusual Austrian ormolu zappler miniature clock with matching dome and enamel dial, circa 1860

0202 mantel
A rare French Empire ormolu mantel clock by Denière à Paris

0170 mantel191


Attractive Empire Ormolu Mantel Clock circa 1820

0143 mantel

A good Louis XVI ormolu and marble mantel clock by Balthazar A Paris, circa 1770.


A good French Louis XVI ormolu mounted marble mantel clock 'au borne' by Hilger A Paris, circa 1780, height 52cm.


Eureka Clock Co Ltd., a battery powered mahogany mantel clock, circa 1908

0508 mantel182

(new object)

0191 bracket181

(new object)

0068 mantel192
(new object)

0453 mantel191
(new object)

0434 mantel191
(new object)

0479 bracket182

(new object)

0482 mantel191
(new object)

0036 mantel191
(new object)

0455 mantel182
(new object)

0033 mantel191
(new object)

0428 mantel192

(new object)

0490 mantel192
(new object)

0186 mantel192

(new object)

0529 mantel191
(new object)

0048 bracket181

(new object)

0142 bracket182

(new object)


The unusual kingwood mantel clock with calendar work and moon fase, circa 1840


Pendule religieuse signed Claude Raillard à Paris, circa 1665


A very unusual Pendule so-called "Religieuse" clock signed Gaudron a Paris


A good charming probably Sevres annular dial striking urn clock, circa 1880


A charming small KPM porcelain pendulette, circa 1850


Desk inkwell with clock and ringing bell, circa 1860


Small animated lion desk clock, circa 1880.


Untouched four glass electrical mantel clock from "Scott", circa 1910


Late 17th century magnificent Louis XIV religieuse D. Champion Paris, circa 1690


Late 17th century Louis XIV religieuse clock signed "P. Royer a Paris"


Very Nice French Astronomical Guild Table Clock with Digital Time Indication


Elephant mantel clock, circa 1750 and later


Good Late 19th Century English Boulle Work Quarter Chiming Mantel Clock


Enamel and Ormolu Annular Dial Clock, circa 1860, France



Very Nice and Decorative Wrought Iron Mental Clock, circa 1900


Napoleon III Lyra Shaped Mental Clock with Osculating Pendulum


Nice Decorative Miniature Three-Piece White Marble and Ormolu Clock Set


Regnault à Paris, circa 1730


Won "Vincent & Cie., Medaille d'Argent" Prize 1855, Paris, Movement  circa 1870


"Delettrez a Paris" Clock with Achile Brocot Escapement, circa 1880


French Empire Ormolu and "Griotte Rouge" Marble Mantel Clock, circa 1810


French Louis XVI Marble, Ormolu and Patinated Bronze Mantel Clock, circa 1780


French Charles X Bronze Musical and Animated Mantel Clock, circa 1840


A charming French Empire ormolu chariot clock, circa 1810

  Toebosch Antiques

Fine Antique Clocks
Barometers & Music boxes

9109 mantel182
French Louis XVI (circa 1785) ormolu, patinated bronze and white marble clock. 11-cm enamel dial with Arabic numerals signed à Paris.
  Jacques Neve

Clocks in Belgium

9264 bracket182

9270 bracket172

9273 bracket182

9275 bracket182
JOHN GRANT, Fleet Street, London
  Anthony Woodburn

Fine Antique Clocks

08 bracket172
A fine English bracket clock, ca 1700.

07 bracket182
Dutch bracket clock, ca 1790.

10 mantel172
Hague clock, ca 1690
  F. van Kollenburg

Fine Antique clocks

3-020 mantel191

French ormolu urn clock. c. 1800.

3-042 mantel182

A small Louis XVI Mantel Clock, France c. 1775

3-015 mantel191

French Empire borne mantel clock

3-028 mantel191

French Empire urn mantel clock, Armingaud L'né à Paris, circa 1800

2-024 table181

A small English quarter repeating table clock, James Wittit London, circa 1740

3-071 mantel191

A rare French Empire ormolu and bronze mantel clock, circa 1800

3-072 mantel182

A fine French Louis XVI ormolu and marble portico mantel clock, crca 1770

3-070 mantel191

A beautiful French Empire ormolu mantel clock with griffins, circa 1800

2-028 table181

A fine English ebonized quarter striking table clock, Stephen Rimbault circa 1750

8-053 table201

An Atmos J.L. Reutter patent, circa 1930

3-088 table

A lovely English engraved gilt brass table clock in the manner of Thoas Cole, by Manoah Rhodes, circa 1860.

3-093 mantel182

A fine French Louis XVI ormolu 'Les Corsaires' Mantel clock, Le Nepveu, circa 1770

3-094 mantel191

A fine French Empire ormolu urn mantel clock, Angevin à Paris, circa 1800

3-096 mantel192

A French industrial mantel clock fire place, Guilmet, circa 1890

3-099 mantel192

A rare French industrial mantel clock by Guilmet, Windmill, circa 1880.

3-100 mantel182

A fine French Louis XVI ormolu and marble mantel clock designed by Osmond signed Viger, circa 1770

3-097 mantel191

A fine French Empire ormolu and bronze sculptural urn mantel clock, circa 1800

  Gude & Meis Antique Clocks

Fine Antique clocks

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