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Pendule religieuse signed Claude Raillard à Paris


8-day movement, 2 spring barrels, verge escapement, thread suspended pendulum with cycloidal cheeks, striking full on the hours and one stroke on the half hours on a single bell, outside locking plate numbered 1 to 12, signed on the back plate;

velvet covered brass dial plate on hinges, engraved and gilded brass chapter ring, Roman ciphers for the hours, the minutes numbered 1 to 60 on the outer ring, pierced, engraved and gilded brass hands, cast and gilded brass spandrels, a small gilded brass cartouche underneath VI bearing the signature;

ebonized case made from various type of woods, the front covered with cast brass and gilded ornaments, gilded brass vases on either side of the pediment, on gilded brass feet;

height 54 cm, to be dated around 1675.

Claude Raillard : born between 1662 and 1675. Died 1708. Workshop Quay Pelletterie from 1698 to 1700 (Tardy).


Price:  18500


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