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Toebosch Antiques

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A nice 17th century so-called Hague clock signed Joseph Norris Amsterdam. These Hague clocks were the first clocks with pendulum and verge escapement an invention of the Dutch scientist Christian Huygens, he invented the pendulum in 1656 and the first pendulum clock was made by Salomon Coster.

Silvered skeleton chapter ring on black velvet. Guilt brass repousse upper spandrels, brass skeleton signature. Veneered with ebony, going and striking trains with five wheels and driven by a single barrel. Double striking with one stroke at the first quarter on the smaller bell and at the third quarter at the larger bell, duration 8-days. 

Price:  48000


Toebosch Antiques

Kenaupark 29
2011MR Haarlem
The Netherlands

By appointment only
+31 (0)6 53 211 641


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