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nl3211 wall192
Zeldzame Midden-Nederlandse stoelklok

2009 wall182
Table clock ebony veneered case, Johannes Vetter Gouda

5010 wall182
“Bull’s eye” signed Le Roy

6011 cartel182
“Cartel d’alcove”: kleine Lodewijk XV wandklok, gesigneerd Lefaucheur à Paris

E1 wall182
A small 8-day striking true English bracket clock

F10 wall182
A French Louis XV long duration striking bracket clock

209 cartel182
Rare cartel clock in wood, signed Paul Conrard à Liege

310 wall172
German Renaissance clock with balance wheel escapement
  Hans Kreft

Fine Antique Clocks

h7503 wall191
A fine French Empire patinated and gilt bronze Egyptian Revival wall clock with calendar

h7521 wall192
An eglomisé paneled walnut Model No. 10 “Figure Eight” wall clock, by E. Howard & Co. Boston
  Jonathan Snellenburg

Fine Antique Clocks,
Watches for the Collector,
Instruments of Science & Technology
and Decorative Objects

09 wall172
An extremely rare Dutch wallclock, ca 1670.

6305 cartel182
French Louis XV Ormolu Cartel Clock, period ca. 1750.
  F. van Kollenburg

Fine Antique clocks

9132 wall192
A Frisian 'Stoelschippertje' 2nd. half 19th century.

10244 wall192

Farret à Paris. c. 1860.

  F. Kats

Antique Horology
and Instruments

2667 cartel191
Exceptionnelle pendule Neuchateloise A guichet séparé (vers 1820), musique à peigne

6113 cartel191
Neuchatel clock, grande sonnerie grande sonnerie, with two doors separate.

6114 cartel192
Neuchatel antique clock (Swiss).Rare original polychrome painting in perfect condition! Quarter-striking and quarter-repeating, alarm function.

6115 cartel182
Rare Swiss Neuchatel wall clock from the Directoire period. Signed and numbered (number 500) by the swiss clock maker from Neuchatel Isac Favre (or Isaac Favre) . Rare collection item!

6116 cartel182
French wall clock (or cartel) from the Louis XV period. Martin vernish and guilded bronzes. Signed by: L. FRANCOIS A METZ

6120 cartel182
Neuchatel (Switzerland) Louis XVI wall clock. Stamped guilded brass typical from neuchatel clocks of the 18th century.

9038 cartel191
Pendule neuchâteloise
  Antique Clocks - Pendulantic

Antique clocks
sale and restoration

8609 cartel191
Viennese early 9th century Cartel.
  Lillys Art Exclusive Antiques

Fine Antique Clocks

730 cartel182
Louis XV cartel, Baillon

C001 cartel182
The Cherubs. Exceptional Finely Chased and Gilt Wall Cartel Fille Prevost à Angers Case Attributed to Pierre Gouthière (1732-1813) Paris, Louis XVI period, circa 1785

C002 cartel
Rare Finely Chased Gilt Bronze Neoclassical Cartel aux espagnolettes Frédéric Duval, horloger agrégé à la corporation en 1777 Case Attributed to Robert Osmond (1711-1789), Paris, early Louis XVI period, circa 1775-1780

C003 cartel182

Fine Chased Gilt Bronze Wall Cartel

Jean Moisy, reçu maître horloger en mars 1753

Case Attributed to Robert Osmond (1711-1789)

Paris, early Louis XVI period, circa 1770-1775


C004 cartel182

Important Chased Gilt Bronze Rocaille Cartel

François Viger, reçu maître horloger reçu maître en 1744

Case Attributed to Robert Osmond (1711-1789),

Paris, Louis XV period, circa 1755 

C006 cartel182

The Triumph of the Arts over Time Wall Cartel Clock

Paris, Louis XV period, circa 1760-1765

C007 cartel182

Important Chased Gilt Bronze Wall Cartel

Nicolas-Jean Fieffé 

Case Attributed to Jean-Joseph de Saint-Germain

Paris, Louis XV period, circa 1755-1760

C008 cartel182

Rare Gilt Bronze Cartel with Barometer

Paris, Louis XVI period, circa 1775-85 

Height 103 cm, width 43.5 cm 


C014 cartel181

Case attributed to Jacques Caffiéri

Important Gilt Bronze Cartel Clock

“Allegory of Geometry”

Paris, Louis XV period, circa 1745-49 

C015 cartel181

Julien II Leroy 

Important Metal Marquetry Cartel and Bracket Clock

Paris, late Louis XIV period, circa 1710-1715 

Height 108.5 cm; width 36.5cm; depth 16.5 cm 

C016 cartel182

Important Gilt Bronze Wall Cartel, “Ribbon Cartel, Large Version”

Paris, Transition Louis XV-Louis XVI period, circa 1770 

Case signed on the side: OSMOND

C018 cartel182

Jean-Jacques Fieffé 

Important Gilt Bronze Rocaille Wall Cartel 

Paris, Louis XV period, circa 1750-1755 

Height 91 cm; width 57 cm 

  La Pendulerie

Exeptional Clocks & Fine Arts

0015 wall182
Morbier clock. No. 0015

0105 wall181
Morbier clock. No. 0105

0320 wall192
Morbier clock. No. 0320

0404 wall191
Morbier clock. No. 0404

8701 wall172
Late gothic iron clock. No. 8701

8907 wall181
Iron clock. No. 8907

9607 wall191
Morbier clock. No. 9607

5241 lantern182
Clock Italian, ca. 1750. The arched brass dial signed: Clemente Pilloti .
  The old Clock shop.

Antique clocks

5-024 lantern181

French lantern clock with satyr head. Second quarter 18th century.

5-008 wall182

A Dutch wall clock so called 'Stoelklok'.

5-020 lantern181

French lanternclock in unrestored condition

5-026 wall181

French lantern clock

3-032 lantern181

Lantern clock made by Gouchon a Paris

5-076 wall191

English mahogany wall timepiece, circa 1820.

5-078 lantern181

English lantern clock circa 1730

5-056 wall191

An early German Black Forest Cuckoo wall clock, circa 1830

5-086 wall181

A lovely South German painted iron wall clock, circa 1710

5-093 lantern171

A beautiful and rare French lantern timepiece with balance wheel, Suedois A Angers, circa 1650

5-100 wall181

A rare French Morbier lantern clock, circa 1730 by Claude Reynard

5-088 lantern172

An early French Louis XIV brass lantern timepiece, Rousseau A Lyon, circa 1665

5-111 wall182

An Austrian brass engraved wall alarm timepiece, Weltz St. Pölten, circa 1780

5-120 wall182

A small Dutch Frisian wall clock so-called 'Schippertje', circa 1800

5-119 wall181

A lovely small Swiss faux bois Neuchâteloise wall timepiece, circa 1730.

5-129 wall182

A South German Louis XVI polychrome and parcel gilt rack wall timepiece, circa 1780.

5-126 wall182

A fine French Louis XV vernis martin bracket clock by Viger and Lieutaud, circa 1755.

5-130 wall192

A German Black Forest miniature wall clock with alarm, circa 1860

5-131 wall192

A miniature German striking and alarm wall clock, circa 1860

5-136 wall181

A rare Dutch Amsterdam walnut hooded wall clock, 'hangend Amsterdammertje, Jacob Hasius, circa 1725

5-134 wall191

An Austrian miniature brass brettl wall timepiece, circa 1840

  Gude & Meis Antique Clocks

Fine Antique clocks

2010306 cartel192
Wooden carved french clock

0082 cartel182
Wooden cartel by Boussot AParis

5660 wall

Japanese clocks (Wadokei Zuroku)

  W. Kerkhof.

Antique Clocks, watches & Barometers.

t1 cartel182
A Fine and decorative Swiss cartel, late 18th century, "Robert Horloger du Roy de Prusse a la Chaux de fonds"
  The Museum Art Gallery

Antique Clocks, Instruments & Furniture.

w11 wall191
An early 19th century mahogany laterndluhr of small size.

w12 wall191
An elegant rosewood Vienna Regulator. Made circa 1850.
  W. F. Turk

Fine Antique clocks

10872 lantern172

A handsome lantern clock with glazed wings and original verge escapement and short pendulum between the trains, made in the 1690s by John Wright of Mansfield..


10905 lantern172

A fine lantern clock made in the 1670s by the highly-respected goldsmith, Jeremy Gregory of London, (born 1621, died 1686).

10906 lantern172

A classic lantern clock of about 1685 by William Newton of East Smithfield, London.

10907 lantern172

An exceptionally attractive lantern clock made about 1700 or just before by Humphrey Marsh of Highworth, Wiltshire, numbered 110.

10908 lantern172

A strikingly handsome lantern clock of the 1670s or 1680s by Richard Tracy.

10909 lantern181

A handsome arched dial hourly striking lantern clock with alarmwork and half-hour striking made about 1700 by Robert Trippett of London.

10911 lantern181

A small handsome arched dial lantern clock (dial 7inches by 10 inches) made about 1730 by Edward Hunsdon of Chelmsford, Essex.

10912 lantern172

This rare miniature (11inch tall) lantern clock with strike and alarmwork, was made about 1700 by William Tomlinson of London.

  Brian & Joy Loomes

Antique British longcase, bracket, and lantern clocks

72 wall181
  Peter Zwaanenburg

Antique Clocks & Barometers

dw02 wall181

An extremely rare poor man' s Zaanlander clock. Holland c.a. 1690.

dw01 wall191

dw04 wall191

A Dutch so called "staartschipper". Friesland, c.a. 1840. This type "staartschipper" with date and moondial is extremely rare. One-day mechanisme,weight-driven, striking on half- and whole hour. Alarm.

dw06 wall191

la02 lantern182

dw09 wall182

(new object)

J03 wall191

dw10 wall191

w07 wall192

la04 lantern181

Gilles de Beefe

dw12 wall192

w11 cartel181

Festau a Paris

la03 lantern182

dw14 wall191
Een antieke friese staartklok ca. 1825. De klok is op de achterzijde van de wijzerplaat gesigneerd: H. de Jong. Deze uurwerkmaker werkte in Joure omstreeks 1820 (H. Bossink).

dw17 wall191

A superb original Dutch "staartschippertje". Friesland, c.a. 1840. One-day mechanisme, weight-driven, striking on half- and whole hour. Alarm.

dw18 wall191

(new object)

mor04 wall181
Zeer bijzondere gesigneerde Comtoise uit de beginperiode 1720. Pierre Simon Iovefroy a Fort du Plasne en contee.

w19 cartel182

(new object)

w20 cartel182

(new object)

dw20 wall181

Een achttiende eeuwse stoelklok gedateerd 1747. Deze zwaar gebouwde stoelklok met maan, datum en dubbele zolder is een zeer uniek exemplaar.

dw22 wall182

(new object)

W01 cartel182

Renard a Paris

w22 cartel182

(new object)

mor01 wall181
(new object)

dw23 wall192

(new object)

dw24 wall191

Bijzonder Fries staartklokje, zgn. kantoortje of notarisklok, ca. 1830, in volledig originele staat. Kasthoogte slechts 88 cm!

mor05 wall181
(new object)

dw25 wall181

Originele en uiterst zeldzame, vermoedelijk Groningse Stoelklok ca. 1745 met ankergang, maan, datum, speel- en zaagslagwerk. Hoogte 96 cm. Het speelwerk heeft 12 bellen, 21 hamers en speelt 3 melodieën.

dw26 wall191

Stoelschippertje, gemaakt door DJ Tasma Grouw, omstreeks 1825. Het uiterst zeldzame klokje heeft een kwartierslagwerk op dubbele bel.

dw29 wall182

A superb miniature 18th century Dutch-Frisian 'stoeltjesklok schippertje'.

mor06 wall182
(new object)

mor08 wall182
(new object)

w23 wall192

Duron a Gueret

w24 cartel182

Cartel Lochon a Paris

la05 lantern181

(new object)

la06 lantern181

(new object)

dw31 wall191

Zeer bijzonder Fries miniatuur staartklokje, zgn. kantoortje of notarisklok, gesigneerd J. Hak & Zn, Groede ( Zeeland ), gedateerd 1845 op de achterplatine van het uurwerk, in een perfekte, volledig originele staat.

J01 wall191

(new object)

dw32 wall191

Superb Frisian Wall clock 'Spinnekopje' with rocking shipps automaton.

la07 lantern181

(new object)

mor09 wall181
(new object)

dw28 wall

Uitzonderlijk fraaie - waarschijnlijk - West Friesche stoelklok met wekkerwerk, ca. 1700.

mor02 wall182
(new object)

w25 wall182

Een bijzonder Engels wandklokje (Hoodclock) gesigneerd James Iris Steyning, ca. 1785.

w26 wall182

Een uiterst zeldzame bronzen vuurvergulde Cartelklok, dubbel gesigneerd: Jean Baptiste Helye - Paris, Frankrijk ca. 1770.

w27 wall162

Een "Eisenuhr" met astronomische aanduidingen, kwartierslag op 2 bellen, met 3 werken en een gangduur van ongeveer 3 dagen, toegeschreven aan Joachim Habrecht, Schaffhausen, Zwitserland ca. 1580.

w28 wall201

A Very Rare Early Large Size Two Owner From New 1930's Rhodium Plated Art Deco J. L. Reutter Wall Hanging Three-Glass Atmos Clock.

w30 wall182

A fascinating Austrian, or possibly South German, rack clock mounted on a shaped giltwood backboard. Circa 1780.

w32 wall162

A gothic iron clock with balance controlled verge escapement, South Germany, dated 1587. Een gotische ijzeren klok met spillegang echappement met balans, Zuid Duits, gedateerd 1587.

w33 wall191

Zeldzame regulator, cartel d'applique. De slinger en het uurwerk maken een oscillerende beweging. Gesigneerd Breguet en genummerd 3540.

La08 lantern182

(new object)

la09 lantern181

Eenwijzerige Lantaarnklok op de wijzerplaat gesigneerd 'Le manceau', op het fret gesigneerd met het monogram LeM, Frankrijk 1724

la10 lantern181

Fraaie, zwaargeboude eenwijzerige Lantaarnklok, in ongerepte staat, op de wijzerplaat gesigneerd Mallard, Claude-Isidore - Paris. Frankrijk ca. 1745.

w35 wall201

A Very Rare Early Large Size 1930's Rhodium Plated Art Deco J. L. Reutter Wall Hanging Three-Glass Atmos Clock.

La11 lantern181

Fraaie eenwijzerige Lantaarnklok in ongerepte staat, op de wijzerplaat gesigneerd Rene Bodin a Angers - Frankrijk ca. 1740.

J05 wall191

c.1850 Miniature Japanese Wood Pillar Clock with striking on a bel.

J06 wall182

Japanese, double foliot lantern clock, large, "Nicho Tenpu Yagura-dokei", 30 hour, steel framed movement with tooled brass covers, ca. 1790

W36 wall201

Een zeer zeldzame vroege groot formaat 1930's nikkelen Art Deco JL Reutter Drie-Ruiten Atmos wandklok.

LA12 lantern181

Wings lantaarnklok Engeland ca. 1700 gesigeerd Jon. May - London

J07 lantern

W39 wall202

(new object)

LA13 lantern181

(new object)

W41 wall201

(new object)

V11 wall191

(new object)

w44 wall201

(new object)

w40 wall181

(new object)

FN01 wall191

(new object)

FN02 wall202

(new object)

W45 wall201

(new object)

  Van Brug Collection

Fine Antique Clocks and fine Art

C487 wall192

Striking Drop Dial Wall Clock

SkSw wall191

Double Dial Swinging Pendulum Freischwinger Clock

Ch C cartel192

Gilt French striking Cartel Clock

T154 wall201

U.S. Maritime Commission Chelsea Ships Bell Clock

1543 wall192

Mahogany drop Dial Fusee wall clock by Fairey, London

HSF wall191

Large Verge Dial Clock, John Field of London

DAH wall201

Jugendstil small Striking Wall clock, Black Forest

1549(1) wall201

American striking Wall Clock, by Ansonia Clock Company

B131 wall191

Rosewood Drum Clock by Walter Yonge, London

CA24 wall192

Tinplate cuckoo clock

John wall192

Fusee Striking drop dial Wall clock - Johnson, Derby

  Carlton Clocks

Clock Restoration & Sales

10261 wall182
THOMAS CHAPPELL, LONDON (London, circa 1755)

10262 lantern172
Edmund Massey, London (England, circa 1685 to 1690)
  Howard Walwyn

Fine Antique Clocks.

h8453 lantern181
William Tomlinson, London

h8457 lantern181
Gamard, Paris

h8458 lantern181
John Mercer, Hythe (Kent)
  Northern Clocks.

Fine provincial antique
longcase and bracket clocks for the discerning
Collector - Furnisher - Investor.

1486 cartel191

Giltwood Wall Clock, Stockholm, circa 1820.

1446 cartel182

Swedish Rococo Giltwood Cartel Clock, Stockholm, circa 1770.

1442 cartel182

French Ormolu Cartel Clock, Paris, circa 1770. Signed: Nicolet Au Louvre.

  Viebahn Fine Arts

The finest pieces of
clocks, furniture and works of art.

0252 wall191
A rare and attractively small Frisian 'burgomaster' wall clock, Friesland, Holland dated 1836.

0109 wall191
An attractive English mahogany inlaid trunk dial wall timepiece, Griffith Mile End Road, second quarter 19th Century, H. 48cm.

0190 wall191
An attractive Dutch Frisian oak striking alarm 'staartschippertje', circa 1830, H. 38cm.

0701 wall182
A rare fine probably South German rack clock, circa 1750

0158 wall191
An attractive German Black Forest alarm wall timepiece, so-called 'Sorg Uhr', circa 1840, height 9.5cm

0266 wall181
A good Dutch Geldern polychrome painted alarm `stoelklok`, Goslink Ruempol, Laaren 1746.

0010 wall181
A rare and attractive French 8-day brass and ormolu lantern clock with alarm, mid 18th Century, h. 45cm.

0249 lantern181
A good French brass striking alarm lantern clock ROUELLE A BAYEAUX circa 1730.

0251 wall
A French brass striking alarm lantern clock, second quarter 18th Century

0008 wall
A small Dutch Frisian stained oak wall clock, named 'kantoortje', second quarter 19th Century

0264 wall
An American mahogany ogee shelf clock

0332 wall181
A very large and early Morbier quarter striking wall clock, circa 1730, signed Morell A Morbier

0246 wall171
A South German Gothic iron chamber clock with alarm, circa 1600.

0132 wall181
(new object)

0101 cartel182
(new object)

0474 cartel191
(new object)

0485 lantern172
(new object)

0016 lantern181
(new object)

0472 lantern172
(new object)

0444 lantern182

(new object)

0468 cartel182
(new object)


English 17th century lantern clock, circa 1640


Late Louis XVI Bronze Ormolu Striking Wall Clock circa 1790, So Called "Oeil-D


A Rare French Louis XV 8-day Lantern Clock, "Lefebure A Fontaine bleau" circa 1740

  Toebosch Antiques

Fine Antique Clocks
Barometers & Music boxes

5217 cartel181
A small fine French Cartel clock signed G.I. Champion a Paris.

7944 wall181
A good and charming brass 30 hr weight driven English wall clock with going and alarum trains. Anchor escapement, ca. 1750.

9211 lantern181

An early 18th cent. lantern clock. Jos. Fordham, Braintree. c. 1720.

9226 wall192

An intersting American dial clock late 19th cent.

10415 wall181
Amsterdam wall clock c. 1740. Signed Willem Redie

10753 wall181

Dutch so called Stool-clock (stoelklok),  early 18th c.

10770 wall201

A charming early 20th c.  Frisian 'Stoelschippertje'.

10787 wall181

An interesting Westphalian oak wall clock. 1st half 18th c.


10790 wall182

Eastern Dutch (Steenderen) Stoolklok, Signed and dated: Andries Schooltink 1 Oct. 1800. 

10803 lantern171

English lantern clock.

10858 cartel182

A stylish guild wood antique cartel clock signed Joh. Bentele a Salzburg, No. 780.



Стильный гильдии дерева старинный картель часы подписали Joh. Bentele Зальцбург, № 780.

10859 cartel182

An Ormolu Louis XVI cartel, signed on the dial Thómé Versailles. c. 1785. 


Классический золоченая бронза Людовик XVI картель, подписанный на циферблате Том Версале. с. 1785.

11166 wall191

A Double Dialled Shop Window Regulator made in Morez (French Jura), circa 1850.

11332 wall192

A French late 19th c. antique dial clock. Ohers, Olofon St. Marie.

  Market, For Sale

Objects for sale from various sources.

8976 cartel181
Small French bracket clock, so-called "corne vert" clock. Paris, ca 1740.
  M. H. Schreurs

Antique Clocks

856 cartel182
A very rare Louis XV gilt bronze cartel clock of circa 14 day duration, signed on the white enamel dial Jn Baptiste Baillon

869 cartel181
A large and highly important Louis XV gilt bronze figural cartel clock of two weeks duration, the movement by Louis Jouard and magnificent case by the eminent bronzier Jean-Joseph de Saint-Germain

985 cartel181
An extremely beautiful Louis XV gilt bronze grand cartel clock of eight day duration, signed on the white enamel dial Furet à Paris

999 cartel182

An important Louis XV Transitional Louis XVI gilt bronze mounted black and gold vernis Martin grande cartel clock with bracket housed in a superb case by Adrien-Jérôme Jollain


  Richard Redding

Masterpieces of the Past

01 lantern181
Englische Laternenuhr, frühes 18. Jahrhundert, signiert «Edw. Patrick at Parshore»
  Gerhard Baumgartner

Fine Antique Clocks


Englisch lantern by Henry Jones, c. 1680-90.


Renaissance iron wall clock, ‘Eisenuhr’ with original paintings, South Germany, circa 1630.

  Van Dreven Antiquair

Fine antique Clocks,
Barometers and Music boxes

R9378 lantern172

R9381 lantern182
  Gerald E. Marsh.

Fine Clocks bought and sold
Repairs, Restorations, Valuations

9976 wall181
Jason Cox, Long Acre, London. A fine black and gilt lacquered shield-dial tavern clock.

9978 lantern171
Thomas Browne, Bristol A very rare striking lantern clock with alarm. c.1650.
  Carter - Wright

Fine & Interesting Clocks

cs152 wall181


Thirty-hour antique wall clock, a so-called Amsterdammertje, c. 1740. Height: 125 cm.

cs153 lantern172


Quarter-striking lantern clock, c. 1700. Height: 40 cm.

Lg151 cartel181

GUILLAUME GILLE PARIS. A Louis XV corne-verte cartel clock, c. 1740. Height: 111 cm. 

Lg154 wall182

SOUTH GERMANY, Rack wall clock, c. 1770. Height: 73 cm. 

fk152 wall182

HERMAN TER SWAEK GOOR NETHERLANDS. East-Netherlands stoelklok, dated 1755. Height: 60 cm.

mr151 wall172

CLAUDE PASCAL THE HAGUE, Early Hague clock, c. 1662. Height: c. 34 cm. 

mt152 lantern172

C F SUEDOIS ANGERS, A French lantern clock, c. 1650. Height: 23 cm.

jn152 wall172

PIERRE LEMAIRE AMSTERDAM. Dutch religieuse, c. 1690. Height: 50 cm.

rr153 cartel181

LOUIS JOUARD PARIS. A Louis XV cartel clock, c. 1745-50. Height: 75 cm.

mt154 lantern191

JAPAN. Small Japanese lantern clock, c. 1800. Height: 20.5 cm.

  Desk Diary Project

Pictures to submit for preview and evaluation.

10102 wall182

10103 wall191
J. M. French.

10104 lantern171
'Peter Closen nere Holborn Bridge fecit'
  Raffety Ltd.

Fine English & Continental
Antique Clocks & Barometers

138 wall172

An antique early pendule religieuse by Louis Baronneau AParis with an ebony-veneered fruitwood case, made c. 1665-70.

089 wall161

A Gothic, probably South-Netherlandish, weight-driven iron wall clock, 15th century.

088 wall182

Eighteenth-century weight-driven iron wall clock, Switzerland, c. 1760.

128 lantern182

Fine antique Italian so called lantern clock. Signed: Vincenzo di Nuzzi Rincine C.1780. 

011 wall181

Een,antiek, hangend Amsterdammertje met notehouten kast, gemaakt omstreeks 1730.

119 wall181

Twelve-hour, antique, wall clock, a so-called Amsterdammertje, signed on the chapter ring: Willem Redie Amsterdam, c. 1730.

  Crijns & Stender

Fine antique clocks,
watches, barometers & instruments

h6922 wall182

h7812 wall192
  Derek Roberts

Fine antique Clocks
Barometers & Music boxes

9108 cartel181
Fine and attractive 'Vernis Martin' bronze mounted French cartel clock, Mid-18th Century, signed LEJ'AŸ A PARIS.
  Jacques Neve

Clocks in Belgium

h7694 wall182
  Anthony Woodburn

Fine Antique Clocks

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