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A fine, small Tavern Timepiece with a black dial and gilt and chinoiserie lacquered case. The decoration to the trunk door is of three oriental figures, pavilions and trees and the trunk sides are filled with chrysanthemum sprays set within gilt lines. The gilt scrolling signature – William Gass, London - is written below the dial between the well shaped ear pieces.

The round dial has a moulded and turned surround and has Roman numerals, single crossings to the minutes circle and Arabic outside five minutes. The brass hands are well pierced and gilded with heart shaped tips. The weight driven 8-day movement has deep shoulders and large cut-outs to the base of the plates, a five wheel train with anchor escapement and steel pendulum rod with brass faced bob.

Date: Circa 1765

Height: 55 in (140 cm)

* William Gass is listed on page 293 of Brian Loomes’ Watchmakers and Clocks akers of the World: 21st Century Edition. He was apprenticed in 1740 and became a member of the Clockmakers Company in 1749. He died in 1806.


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