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2009 wall182
Table clock ebony veneered case, Johannes Vetter Gouda

5010 wall182
“Bull’s eye” signed Le Roy

E1 wall182
A small 8-day striking true English bracket clock

F10 wall182
A French Louis XV long duration striking bracket clock
  Hans Kreft

Fine Antique Clocks

0701 wall182
A rare fine probably South German rack clock, circa 1750


Late Louis XVI Bronze Ormolu Striking Wall Clock circa 1790, So Called "Oeil-D

  Toebosch Antiques

Fine Antique Clocks
Barometers & Music boxes

0015 wall182
Morbier clock. No. 0015
  The old Clock shop.

Antique clocks

h7694 wall182
  Anthony Woodburn

Fine Antique Clocks

10790 wall182

Eastern Dutch (Steenderen) Stoolklok, Signed and dated: Andries Schooltink 1 Oct. 1800. 

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Objects for sale from various sources.

dw09 wall182

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dw22 wall182

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dw29 wall182

A superb miniature 18th century Dutch-Frisian 'stoeltjesklok schippertje'.

mor06 wall182
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mor08 wall182
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mor02 wall182
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w25 wall182

Een bijzonder Engels wandklokje (Hoodclock) gesigneerd James Iris Steyning, ca. 1785.

w26 wall182

Een uiterst zeldzame bronzen vuurvergulde Cartelklok, dubbel gesigneerd: Jean Baptiste Helye - Paris, Frankrijk ca. 1770.

w30 wall182

A fascinating Austrian, or possibly South German, rack clock mounted on a shaped giltwood backboard. Circa 1780.

J06 wall182

Japanese, double foliot lantern clock, large, "Nicho Tenpu Yagura-dokei", 30 hour, steel framed movement with tooled brass covers, ca. 1790

  Van Brug Collection

Fine Antique Clocks and fine Art

088 wall182

Eighteenth-century weight-driven iron wall clock, Switzerland, c. 1760.

  Crijns & Stender

Fine antique clocks,
watches, barometers & instruments

Lg154 wall182

SOUTH GERMANY, Rack wall clock, c. 1770. Height: 73 cm. 

fk152 wall182

HERMAN TER SWAEK GOOR NETHERLANDS. East-Netherlands stoelklok, dated 1755. Height: 60 cm.

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5-008 wall182

A Dutch wall clock so called 'Stoelklok'.

5-111 wall182

An Austrian brass engraved wall alarm timepiece, Weltz St. Pölten, circa 1780

5-120 wall182

A small Dutch Frisian wall clock so-called 'Schippertje', circa 1800

5-129 wall182

A South German Louis XVI polychrome and parcel gilt rack wall timepiece, circa 1780.

5-126 wall182

A fine French Louis XV vernis martin bracket clock by Viger and Lieutaud, circa 1755.

  Gude & Meis Antique Clocks

Fine Antique clocks

10102 wall182
  Raffety Ltd.

Fine English & Continental
Antique Clocks & Barometers

10261 wall182
THOMAS CHAPPELL, LONDON (London, circa 1755)
  Howard Walwyn

Fine Antique Clocks.

h6922 wall182
  Derek Roberts

Fine antique Clocks
Barometers & Music boxes

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