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9074 watch182
"Louis Duchene e Fils". ca. 1800. Diam. 58 mm.
  Top Time S.R.L

Vintage wrist watches and
pocket watches.

10711 watch192
Fire place, an English cast iron 'porte montre' (pocket watch stand), c. 1900.

10712 watch192
A French cast brass 'porte montre' (pocket watch stand) with imperial symbols, 2nd half 19th century.
  Market, For Sale

Objects for sale from various sources.

1549 watch192
golden watch with grande et petite sonnerie

2347 watch182
opalesque enamel watch Louis XVI

2345 watch191
Watch Savonette with enamel portet of a gentleman

3135 watch181
Peter Chapeau, London. Fine silver Coatch watch with alarm.

3157 watch201

3272 watch182
Silver coach-watch by Etienne Le Noir

5658 watch181

John Willer, London No. 11870 pair-case, gold repoussé high reliëf antique pocket watch. England, 18th century.

  Dekker Antiquairs, since 1938

Antique watches, Jewellery.

6605 watch162
Patek Philippe, Geneva Ca. 1910.
  Somlo Antiques

Antique wrist and pocket watches


National Horology School Becanson France

on 1910


Horology School Glashuette in Sachsen

Kurt Ganzmann

No. 3335

on 1926


A. Lange & Soehne

Glashuette, Sachsen, Germany

Quality 1A

750/ooo Gelbgold


Le Roy & Fils


from 1895

750/ooo Golden Case

  A. Hidding

Classic Antique Watches, Clocks, Chronometers, Pendulum Clocks, specialized in antique watches and antique precicions watches of Glashuette (Saxonia), Germany.

h7902 watch182
Silver pair cases, verge - Edward. Lambe, London

h7907 watch182
Silver/shell triple cases, verge - George Prior, London

10099 watch181
No. 862 Gold repousse pair cases, champleve dial, verge - John Brown, London, c1735.

10100 watch181
No. 814 Silver repousse pair cases, verge - Steven Hoogendyk, Rotterdam, c 1730.
  Cogs & Pieces

Dealers in fine antique watches
from the golden age of English watchmaking.

wat12 watch181

Zilveren zakhorloge gesigneerd Gould, Engeland ca. 1700

wat20 watch202
Chopard lady's watch 'Happy diamonds' white gold.

wat22 watch

Paul Picot Plongeur C-type 18K Rose gold Limited Edition 3930SRG

Nr 51 of 200

from 2006



  Van Brug Collection

Fine Antique Clocks and fine Art

h8240 watch191
Gold Engine Turned French Cylinder. Circa 1835.

h8302 watch191
Gold and Enamel Chinese Market Virgule Lepine

h8330 watch171
Rare Early Hour Strike and Alarm Coachwork Josias Jolly

h8334 watch182
Triple Cased Quarter Repeater and Chatelaine Benjn Sidey Jun

h8336 watch182
Gold and Enamel Verge Pendant Watch

h8355 watch191
14 Assorted 18th Century Watch Dials

h8363 watch191
Gold and Enamel Picture Form Brooch Watch

h8368 watch192
Gold Quarter Repeater with Erotic Automaton. Circa 1890.

h8397 watch192
Rare Moonphase Calendar with Patent Winding

h8404 watch191
Rare Silver Independent Seconds Cylinder A Riess
  Pieces of Time

Antique Watches

An exceptionally fine and important 18K gold, hunting cased, keyless, one-minute tourbillon regulator pocket chronometer with special escapement. attributed to Albert Pellaton-Favre, Le Locle, circa 1905.

Timekeeper with five Complications, C. Degallier Genève. circa 1910. Very fine and important 18K gold open face, keyless astronomical minute-repeating watch with, alarum and perpetual calendar.
  F. Kats

Antique Horology
and Instruments

449 watch182

Wooden porte montres in various sizes and of different dates

  Crijns & Stender

Fine antique clocks,
watches, barometers & instruments

5928 watch201
Scarce 18K gold hunting case Swiss quarter repeater with hidden enamel erotic animated scene circa 1900.

5581 watch172
Fine early English silver pair case verge and fusee antique pocket watch with sun and moon dial by John Trubshaw, London, circa 1695.

5441 watch192
Fine and scarce Japanese brass and rosewood antique inro watch with netuske circa 1850.

h7320 watch201
Fine and very rare Swiss Patek Philippe 18K gold minute repeater split second chronograph antique pocket watch with both 60 minute and 12 hour registers retailed by Tiffany & Co.

h7637 watch181
Fine and rare George Graham English 20K gold cylinder and fusee antique pocket watch

h7653 watch182
Interesting skeleton verge movement circa 1760 with a painted biblical enamel panel circa 1600 in a purpose made gilt case.

h7665 watch201
Fine and lovely LeCoultre 18K gold, pearl and diamond ladies antique pendant watch

h8066 watch192
Handsome Swiss 9K gold duplex pendulette antique pocket watch circa 1880.
  Stephen Bogoff

Stephen Bogoff
Antiquarian Horologist,
Established 1970

0748 watch182
iron painted 'porte montre' watch holder

2386 watch181

Dutch silver pair case pocket watch by Pieter van den Bergh, nr. 78, Rotterdam. ca 1740

3085 watch181

Dutch Silver pair cased repouse verge pocket watch by Jacob or Jacobus Viet, Rotterdam.

3524 watch181

Dutch silver pair case verge pocket watch in Rotterdam style from 'Daniël Soeterik, Breda', nr 85

HHBook watch181
Hollandse Horloges van 1580-1800 (beperkte oplage)

2419 watch181
Triple case golden Dutch Amsterdam pocket watch

1476 watch192
Silver french moon/calender pocket watch

7595 watch181

Silver pair cased Dutch verge pocket watch by D.F. Kehlhof, Amsterdam'.

0245 watch181
French porte-montre

2288 watch192
Siver double face watch

1488 watch191
Silver Dutch market verge pocket watch
  W. Kerkhof.

Antique Clocks, watches & Barometers.

lc152 watch182

CABRIER LONDON Gold, agate and diamond chatelaine with watch, c. 1760. Diameter: 47.5 mm.

lc153 watch191


Matching pocket watches, c. 1850
Diameters: 58 mm.

lc155 watch182

CABRIER LONDON Gold musical automaton watch, c. 1780. Diameter: 62 mm.

cs151 watch171

E. FRANÇOIS PARIS. Oval fire-gilt necklace watch, c. 1600. Larger diameter: 65 mm.

da151 watch182

J.P. KROESE AMSTERDAM. A 20-ct gold triple-cased pocket watch hallmarked 1761. Diameter: 62 mm. 

da154 watch191

GENEVA  Gold novelty watch, c. 1815. Diameter: 49 mm. 

gs151 watch172

LONDON. Two filigree watches, c. 1660. Diameters: 50 mm. 

gs152 watch191

RUNDELL & BRIDGE LONDON. Gold oval watch, c. 1820. Larger diameter: 60 mm. 

gs153 watch191

BOVET LONDON. A gold and pearl-set pocket watch, c.1820. Diameter: 62 mm. 

gs154 watch191

VOUMARD LE LOCL. A gold, enamel and pearl-set watch, c. 1815. Diameter: 62 mm. 

lc163 watch171

JACQUES SERMAND GENEVA. An antique firegilt and rock crystal crucifix pendant watch, c. 1630. Height: 72 mm. 

  Desk Diary Project

Pictures to submit for preview and evaluation.

h7766 watch192
A good, octagonal, mother of pearl inlaid, rosewood case with carved detail to the “ears”, visible pendulum aperture, lockable “trapdoor” to the “roll to the wall” base panel and opening side doors.
  Allan Smith

Antique Clocks. Longcase moonphase our speciality

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