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Back to Gallery Dekker Antiquairs, since 1938
Antique watches, Jewellery.

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1549 watch192 

2347 watch182 

2345 watch191 

3135 watch181 

3157 watch201 

3272 watch182 

Back to Gallery A. Hidding
Classic Antique Watches, Clocks, Chronometers, Pendulum Clocks, specialized in antique watches and antique precicions watches of Glashuette (Saxonia), Germany.

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Back to Gallery Cogs & Pieces
Dealers in fine antique watches
from the golden age of English watchmaking.

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h7902 watch182 

h7907 watch182 

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10100 watch181 

Back to Gallery Crijns & Stender
Fine antique clocks,
watches, barometers & instruments

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449 watch182 

Back to Gallery Somlo Antiques
Antique wrist and pocket watches

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12061 watch201 

Back to Gallery F. Kats
Antique Horology
and Instruments

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12292 watch182 

12295 watch201 

Back to Gallery Van Brug Collection
Fine Antique Clocks and fine Art

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wat12 watch181 

wat20 watch202 

Back to Gallery Desk Diary Project
Pictures to submit for preview and evaluation.

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lc152 watch182 

lc153 watch191 

lc155 watch182 

cs151 watch171 

da151 watch182 

da154 watch191 

gs151 watch172 

gs152 watch191 

gs153 watch191 

gs154 watch191 

lc163 watch171 

Back to Gallery Stephen Bogoff
Stephen Bogoff
Antiquarian Horologist,
Established 1970

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5928 watch201 

5581 watch172 

5441 watch192 

h7320 watch201 

h7637 watch181 

h7653 watch182 

h7665 watch201 

h8066 watch192 

Back to Gallery Pieces of Time
Antique Watches

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h8240 watch191 

h8302 watch191 

h8330 watch171 

h8334 watch182 

h8336 watch182 

h8368 watch192 

h8397 watch192 

h8404 watch191 

Back to Gallery W. Kerkhof.
Antique Clocks, watches & Barometers.

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0748 watch182 

2386 watch181 

3085 watch181 

HHBook watch181 

2419 watch181 

1476 watch192 

7595 watch181 

0245 watch181 

2288 watch192 

1488 watch191 

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