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6306 barometer182
French Louis XVI Mercury Barometer In The Shape Of A Palmtree. Period ca. 1765-1775.
  F. van Kollenburg

Fine Antique clocks

5487 barometer182
French 'Dollond, London', Carcano, Place D'auphine, 1787

3613 barometer182

Sympiesometer signed: 'C. Shepherd. 53 Leadenhall St, London'

4821 barometer182
Rotterdamse bakbarometer, contraleur. IT

4828 barometer182
Stick barometer, silvered copper plate
  W. Kerkhof.

Antique Clocks, watches & Barometers.

7-003 barometer182

A fine Dutch Louis XVI mahogany barometer by Wast & Zoonen, circa 1770

7-014 barometer182

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  Gude & Meis Antique Clocks

Fine Antique clocks

75 barometer182
An early and rare Dutch stick (bak) barometer by Carlo Molten ca 1750.
  Market, For Sale

Objects for sale from various sources.

204 barometer182

A French wheel barometer in the shape of a cartel clock, c. 1780

9416 barometer182

A Dutch, eighteenth-century barometer with a mahogany veneered case, c. 1765.

0430 barometer182

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  Crijns & Stender

Fine antique clocks,
watches, barometers & instruments

1657 barometer182
George III mahogany stick barometer

1627 barometer182
Georgian period stick barometer by Ronketi
  Charles Edwin Inc.

Fine antique clocks
barometers & interesting scientific instruments

0127 barometer182
A very fine and rare Dutch "Bak-barometer" with "contraleur". c.a. 1800.
  Toebosch Antiques

Fine Antique Clocks
Barometers & Music boxes

mf154 barometer182

PAULUS WAST AMSTERDAM. Dutch barometer, dated 1756. Height: 111 cm. 

  Desk Diary Project

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33 barometer182
33. A GOOD DUTCH 'BAKBAROMETER', signed 'Lurasco Spinelli & Comp fecit Amsterdam', circa: 1775-1785.

21 barometer182
21. A FRENCH STICK BAROMETER, signed 'BAROMÉTRE Par Noseda Palais Royal Nº. 93.', circa: 1775-1785.

9 barometer182

9. A RARE AND VERY FINE ENGLISH STICK BAROMETER, signed 'Nairne London', circa: 1770.

54 barometer182
54. A FINE AND VERY EARLY ENGLISH BANJO BAROMETER, signed 'Cha,,s Civatti London', circa: 1795.

48 barometer182

48. A VERY FINE AND RARE DUTCH CONTRA-TUBE 'BAKBAROMETER', signed '... door de Gebs Bazerga à Rotterdam', circa: 1795.

41 barometer182
41. A RARE AND EARLY DUTCH 'BAKBAROMETER', signed 'Gebroeds Lurasco Amsteldam.', dated: 1758.

19 barometer182
19. A VERY FINE AND RARE ENGLISH STICK BAROMETER, signed 'Dollond London', circa: 1790.

7 barometer182
7. A VERY FINE AND EARLY ENGLISH BANJO BAROMETER, signed 'J,, M,, Ronketi No 180 Holborn', circa: 1787-1797.

87 barometer182
87. A FINE AND RARE FRENCH STICK BAROMETER, signed 'Guizonnier. à Bordeaux.', circa: 1790.

68 barometer182
68. A VERY FINE AND RARE DUTCH STICK BAROMETER, signed 'I. TESSA : Fecit Rotterdam', circa: 1780.

94 barometer182

94. A VERY FINE, RARE AND EARLY DUTCH 'BAKBAROMETER', signed 'H.K PRINS Fec. Amsteldam', dated: 1757.

96 barometer182

96. A FINE AND RARE DUTCH CONTRA-TUBE 'BAKBAROMETER', signed '... Door F: Franzi. te Amst', circa: 1790-1794.

18 barometer182

18. A VERY FINE AND RARE DUTCH 'BAKBAROMETER', signed 'P.s WAST Fecit Amsterdam.', circa: 1760-1765.

78 barometer182

78. A GOOD DUTCH 'BAKBAROMETER', signed 'Stephan Ronket, Amsteldam', circa: 1765-1775.

61 barometer182
61. A VERY FINE, RARE AND EARLY DUTCH 'BAKBAROMETER', signed and dated 'P.S WAST. Fecit Amsteldam' (thermometer engraved: '1756. THERMOMETER Door P.S WAST. Amsteld.').

4 barometer182
4. A FINE AND RARE DUTCH CONTRA-TUBE 'BAKBAROMETER', signed '... door BIA~CHJ & COMP te Amsterdam', circa: 1795.

43 barometer182

43. A RARE AND VERY FINE ENGLISH STICK BAROMETER, signed 'Nairne & Blunt LONDON', circa: 1775.

26 barometer182

26. A FINE AND RARE DUTCH 'BAKBAROMETER', signed 'C. Ruspinus, Fec. Amsterdam.' (thermometer engraved '... door C. RUSPINUS, Amsteldam.'), circa: 1765-1775.

  Fontijn Antiek

Fine Antique Barometers & Instruments

40 barometer182
Matthew Berge - London. A fine quality mahogany stick barometer.
  P. A. Oxley

Quality British antique clocks & barometers

20 barometer182
Peter Dollond – London. Outstanding mahogany Stick Barometer with 'swan-neck' pediment and brass framed doors. C1790

11 barometer182
Unusual mahogany Stick Barometer with rounded top and base and silvered brass register plates c1770
  Allan Walker

Fine Antique Barometers

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