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20 barometer182
Peter Dollond – London. Outstanding mahogany Stick Barometer with 'swan-neck' pediment and brass framed doors. C1790

11 barometer182
Unusual mahogany Stick Barometer with rounded top and base and silvered brass register plates c1770
  Allan Walker

Fine Antique Barometers

0127 barometer182
A very fine and rare Dutch "Bak-barometer" with "contraleur". c.a. 1800.
  Toebosch Antiques

Fine Antique Clocks
Barometers & Music boxes

75 barometer182
An early and rare Dutch stick (bak) barometer by Carlo Molten ca 1750.
  Market, For Sale

Objects for sale from various sources.

7-003 barometer182

A fine Dutch Louis XVI mahogany barometer by Wast & Zoonen, circa 1770

7-014 barometer182

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  Gude & Meis Antique Clocks

Fine Antique clocks

204 barometer182

A French wheel barometer in the shape of a cartel clock, c. 1780

9416 barometer182

A Dutch, eighteenth-century barometer with a mahogany veneered case, c. 1765.

0430 barometer182

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  Crijns & Stender

Fine antique clocks,
watches, barometers & instruments

1657 barometer182
George III mahogany stick barometer

1627 barometer182
Georgian period stick barometer by Ronketi
  Charles Edwin Inc.

Fine antique clocks
barometers & interesting scientific instruments

5487 barometer182
French 'Dollond, London', Carcano, Place D'auphine, 1787

3613 barometer182

Sympiesometer signed: 'C. Shepherd. 53 Leadenhall St, London'

4821 barometer182
Rotterdamse bakbarometer, contraleur. IT

4828 barometer182
Stick barometer, silvered copper plate
  W. Kerkhof.

Antique Clocks, watches & Barometers.

40 barometer182
Matthew Berge - London. A fine quality mahogany stick barometer.
  P. A. Oxley

Quality British antique clocks & barometers

6306 barometer182
French Louis XVI Mercury Barometer In The Shape Of A Palmtree. Period ca. 1765-1775.
  F. van Kollenburg

Fine Antique clocks

33 barometer182
33. A GOOD DUTCH 'BAKBAROMETER', signed 'Lurasco Spinelli & Comp fecit Amsterdam', circa: 1775-1785.

21 barometer182
21. A FRENCH STICK BAROMETER, signed 'BAROMÉTRE Par Noseda Palais Royal Nº. 93.', circa: 1775-1785.

9 barometer182

9. A RARE AND VERY FINE ENGLISH STICK BAROMETER, signed 'Nairne London', circa: 1770.

54 barometer182
54. A FINE AND VERY EARLY ENGLISH BANJO BAROMETER, signed 'Cha,,s Civatti London', circa: 1795.

48 barometer182

48. A VERY FINE AND RARE DUTCH CONTRA-TUBE 'BAKBAROMETER', signed '... door de Gebs Bazerga à Rotterdam', circa: 1795.

41 barometer182
41. A RARE AND EARLY DUTCH 'BAKBAROMETER', signed 'Gebroeds Lurasco Amsteldam.', dated: 1758.

19 barometer182
19. A VERY FINE AND RARE ENGLISH STICK BAROMETER, signed 'Dollond London', circa: 1790.

7 barometer182
7. A VERY FINE AND EARLY ENGLISH BANJO BAROMETER, signed 'J,, M,, Ronketi No 180 Holborn', circa: 1787-1797.

87 barometer182
87. A FINE AND RARE FRENCH STICK BAROMETER, signed 'Guizonnier. à Bordeaux.', circa: 1790.

68 barometer182
68. A VERY FINE AND RARE DUTCH STICK BAROMETER, signed 'I. TESSA : Fecit Rotterdam', circa: 1780.

94 barometer182

94. A VERY FINE, RARE AND EARLY DUTCH 'BAKBAROMETER', signed 'H.K PRINS Fec. Amsteldam', dated: 1757.

96 barometer182

96. A FINE AND RARE DUTCH CONTRA-TUBE 'BAKBAROMETER', signed '... Door F: Franzi. te Amst', circa: 1790-1794.

18 barometer182

18. A VERY FINE AND RARE DUTCH 'BAKBAROMETER', signed 'P.s WAST Fecit Amsterdam.', circa: 1760-1765.

78 barometer182

78. A GOOD DUTCH 'BAKBAROMETER', signed 'Stephan Ronket, Amsteldam', circa: 1765-1775.

61 barometer182
61. A VERY FINE, RARE AND EARLY DUTCH 'BAKBAROMETER', signed and dated 'P.S WAST. Fecit Amsteldam' (thermometer engraved: '1756. THERMOMETER Door P.S WAST. Amsteld.').

4 barometer182
4. A FINE AND RARE DUTCH CONTRA-TUBE 'BAKBAROMETER', signed '... door BIA~CHJ & COMP te Amsterdam', circa: 1795.

43 barometer182

43. A RARE AND VERY FINE ENGLISH STICK BAROMETER, signed 'Nairne & Blunt LONDON', circa: 1775.

26 barometer182

26. A FINE AND RARE DUTCH 'BAKBAROMETER', signed 'C. Ruspinus, Fec. Amsterdam.' (thermometer engraved '... door C. RUSPINUS, Amsteldam.'), circa: 1765-1775.

  Fontijn Antiek

Fine Antique Barometers & Instruments

mf154 barometer182

PAULUS WAST AMSTERDAM. Dutch barometer, dated 1756. Height: 111 cm. 

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