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Late Georgian period shaped door stick barometer by John Merry Ronketi

Makers working in England’s late Georgian Period produced some of the most elegant barometers of any time. Forms are clean and graceful, and handsome decorative inlays and stringing were used. This is one such example made by J M Ronketi. The glazed door over the silvered register plate is shaped at the lower edge to merge smoothly with the slim trunk of the case, and boxwood and ebony checkered stringing surrounds the door and runs in a double line down the sides of the trunk. The color is nicely mellowed to a soft brown. There is an old repair to the cistern cover, which is original.

John Merry Ronketti (Ronchetti, etc; engravers had a hard time with his name) worked at 180 Holborn, the address on this instrument, from 1787 to 1797. An Italian immigrant, he was known for making a large number of very fine stick and wheel barometers.

38.5“ High, 5.25” Wide (cornice)
Circa 1790

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