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746 mantel191
  W. Kerkhof.

Antique Clocks, watches & Barometers.
Our Publications

918 Gilt bronze

945 mantel191
  Richard Redding

Masterpieces of the Past
Pendudle, Claude Galle.
  Van Dreven Antiquair

Fine antique Clocks,
Barometers and Music boxes
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CA02 candlesticks

P048 mantel191

O002 Ewers

CA13 Candelabra

CA20 191
  La Pendulerie

Exeptional Clocks & Fine Arts
SB0300 191

DG0301 192
  Chez Maxim Art Gallery

Fine Antique Clocks & Objects of Art
pv02 mantel191
  Van Brug Collection

Fine Antique Clocks and fine Art
  La Pendulerie

Pendules & Objets d'Art
1130 mantel191
  Viebahn Fine Arts

The finest pieces of
clocks, furniture and works of art.
jn151 mantel191
  Desk Diary Project

Pictures to submit for preview and evaluation.
t1 cartel182
  The Museum Art Gallery

Antique Clocks, Instruments & Furniture.

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