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Important sculpture in brown patina bronze representing the Rape of the Sabine women.

Stunning reduction of the famous marmoreal group performed by Giambologna for the Loggia of the Lanzis in Florence between 1582 and the 1583.

Models analogous of works of the known sculptor - also in lead (of smaller merit) - they already spread from the XVII century, especially in France and England.

France - end of the XVIII century - already Ancienne Collection Duc de Tayllerand, Paris.



The particularity of this refined sculpture resides in the fact that it doesn't have a privileged point of observation, but it is realized of intention to "turn around it."

Every point of view proposes a different foreshortening, concluded in itself but... partial, so that to gather the complexity of the work  forces the observer to turn around it.



The movement of the observer is after all "imposed" from the sculptor himself, that has represented the three bodies - two men and a woman - along of line-forces to "S", that imitate the spiral rhythm of the snake, said for this "snaked figures" (see the first photo).


These lines suggest a winding and salient rhythm, they engrave a great dynamism to the composition and they confer to the whole an effect of extreme naturalness and looseness.


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