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1486 cartel191

Giltwood Wall Clock, Stockholm, circa 1820.

1446 cartel182

Swedish Rococo Giltwood Cartel Clock, Stockholm, circa 1770.

1442 cartel182

French Ormolu Cartel Clock, Paris, circa 1770. Signed: Nicolet Au Louvre.

  Viebahn Fine Arts

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8976 cartel181
Small French bracket clock, so-called "corne vert" clock. Paris, ca 1740.
  M. H. Schreurs

Antique Clocks

730 cartel182
Louis XV cartel, Baillon

C001 cartel182
The Cherubs. Exceptional Finely Chased and Gilt Wall Cartel Fille Prevost à Angers Case Attributed to Pierre Gouthière (1732-1813) Paris, Louis XVI period, circa 1785

C002 cartel
Rare Finely Chased Gilt Bronze Neoclassical Cartel aux espagnolettes Frédéric Duval, horloger agrégé à la corporation en 1777 Case Attributed to Robert Osmond (1711-1789), Paris, early Louis XVI period, circa 1775-1780

C003 cartel182

Fine Chased Gilt Bronze Wall Cartel

Jean Moisy, reçu maître horloger en mars 1753

Case Attributed to Robert Osmond (1711-1789)

Paris, early Louis XVI period, circa 1770-1775


C004 cartel182

Important Chased Gilt Bronze Rocaille Cartel

François Viger, reçu maître horloger reçu maître en 1744

Case Attributed to Robert Osmond (1711-1789),

Paris, Louis XV period, circa 1755 

C006 cartel182

The Triumph of the Arts over Time Wall Cartel Clock

Paris, Louis XV period, circa 1760-1765

C007 cartel182

Important Chased Gilt Bronze Wall Cartel

Nicolas-Jean Fieffé 

Case Attributed to Jean-Joseph de Saint-Germain

Paris, Louis XV period, circa 1755-1760

C008 cartel182

Rare Gilt Bronze Cartel with Barometer

Paris, Louis XVI period, circa 1775-85 

Height 103 cm, width 43.5 cm 


C014 cartel181

Case attributed to Jacques Caffiéri

Important Gilt Bronze Cartel Clock

“Allegory of Geometry”

Paris, Louis XV period, circa 1745-49 

C015 cartel181

Julien II Leroy 

Important Metal Marquetry Cartel and Bracket Clock

Paris, late Louis XIV period, circa 1710-1715 

Height 108.5 cm; width 36.5cm; depth 16.5 cm 

C016 cartel182

Important Gilt Bronze Wall Cartel, “Ribbon Cartel, Large Version”

Paris, Transition Louis XV-Louis XVI period, circa 1770 

Case signed on the side: OSMOND

C018 cartel182

Jean-Jacques Fieffé 

Important Gilt Bronze Rocaille Wall Cartel 

Paris, Louis XV period, circa 1750-1755 

Height 91 cm; width 57 cm 

  La Pendulerie

Exeptional Clocks & Fine Arts

t1 cartel182
A Fine and decorative Swiss cartel, late 18th century, "Robert Horloger du Roy de Prusse a la Chaux de fonds"
  The Museum Art Gallery

Antique Clocks, Instruments & Furniture.

Lg151 cartel181

GUILLAUME GILLE PARIS. A Louis XV corne-verte cartel clock, c. 1740. Height: 111 cm. 

rr153 cartel181

LOUIS JOUARD PARIS. A Louis XV cartel clock, c. 1745-50. Height: 75 cm.

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6011 cartel182
“Cartel d’alcove”: kleine Lodewijk XV wandklok, gesigneerd Lefaucheur à Paris

209 cartel182
Rare cartel clock in wood, signed Paul Conrard à Liege
  Hans Kreft

Fine Antique Clocks

w11 cartel181

Festau a Paris

w19 cartel182

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w20 cartel182

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W01 cartel182

Renard a Paris

w22 cartel182

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w24 cartel182

Cartel Lochon a Paris

  Van Brug Collection

Fine Antique Clocks and fine Art

856 cartel182
A very rare Louis XV gilt bronze cartel clock of circa 14 day duration, signed on the white enamel dial Jn Baptiste Baillon

869 cartel181
A large and highly important Louis XV gilt bronze figural cartel clock of two weeks duration, the movement by Louis Jouard and magnificent case by the eminent bronzier Jean-Joseph de Saint-Germain

985 cartel181
An extremely beautiful Louis XV gilt bronze grand cartel clock of eight day duration, signed on the white enamel dial Furet à Paris

999 cartel182

An important Louis XV Transitional Louis XVI gilt bronze mounted black and gold vernis Martin grande cartel clock with bracket housed in a superb case by Adrien-Jérôme Jollain


  Richard Redding

Masterpieces of the Past

2667 cartel191
Exceptionnelle pendule Neuchateloise A guichet séparé (vers 1820), musique à peigne

6113 cartel191
Neuchatel clock, grande sonnerie grande sonnerie, with two doors separate.

6114 cartel192
Neuchatel antique clock (Swiss).Rare original polychrome painting in perfect condition! Quarter-striking and quarter-repeating, alarm function.

6115 cartel182
Rare Swiss Neuchatel wall clock from the Directoire period. Signed and numbered (number 500) by the swiss clock maker from Neuchatel Isac Favre (or Isaac Favre) . Rare collection item!

6116 cartel182
French wall clock (or cartel) from the Louis XV period. Martin vernish and guilded bronzes. Signed by: L. FRANCOIS A METZ

6120 cartel182
Neuchatel (Switzerland) Louis XVI wall clock. Stamped guilded brass typical from neuchatel clocks of the 18th century.

9038 cartel191
Pendule neuchâteloise
  Antique Clocks - Pendulantic

Antique clocks
sale and restoration

2010306 cartel192
Wooden carved french clock

0082 cartel182
Wooden cartel by Boussot AParis
  W. Kerkhof.

Antique Clocks, watches & Barometers.

6305 cartel182
French Louis XV Ormolu Cartel Clock, period ca. 1750.
  F. van Kollenburg

Fine Antique clocks

9108 cartel181
Fine and attractive 'Vernis Martin' bronze mounted French cartel clock, Mid-18th Century, signed LEJ'AŸ A PARIS.
  Jacques Neve

Clocks in Belgium

8609 cartel191
Viennese early 9th century Cartel.
  Lillys Art Exclusive Antiques

Fine Antique Clocks

0101 cartel182
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0474 cartel191
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0468 cartel182
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  Toebosch Antiques

Fine Antique Clocks
Barometers & Music boxes

Ch C cartel192

Gilt French striking Cartel Clock

  Carlton Clocks

Clock Restoration & Sales

5217 cartel181
A small fine French Cartel clock signed G.I. Champion a Paris.

10858 cartel182

A stylish guild wood antique cartel clock signed Joh. Bentele a Salzburg, No. 780.



Стильный гильдии дерева старинный картель часы подписали Joh. Bentele Зальцбург, № 780.

10859 cartel182

An Ormolu Louis XVI cartel, signed on the dial Thómé Versailles. c. 1785. 


Классический золоченая бронза Людовик XVI картель, подписанный на циферблате Том Версале. с. 1785.

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