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10104 lantern171
'Peter Closen nere Holborn Bridge fecit'
  Raffety Ltd.

Fine English & Continental
Antique Clocks & Barometers

9211 lantern181

An early 18th cent. lantern clock. Jos. Fordham, Braintree. c. 1720.

10803 lantern171

English lantern clock.

  Market, For Sale

Objects for sale from various sources.

10872 lantern172

A handsome lantern clock with glazed wings and original verge escapement and short pendulum between the trains, made in the 1690s by John Wright of Mansfield..


10905 lantern172

A fine lantern clock made in the 1670s by the highly-respected goldsmith, Jeremy Gregory of London, (born 1621, died 1686).

10906 lantern172

A classic lantern clock of about 1685 by William Newton of East Smithfield, London.

10907 lantern172

An exceptionally attractive lantern clock made about 1700 or just before by Humphrey Marsh of Highworth, Wiltshire, numbered 110.

10908 lantern172

A strikingly handsome lantern clock of the 1670s or 1680s by Richard Tracy.

10909 lantern181

A handsome arched dial hourly striking lantern clock with alarmwork and half-hour striking made about 1700 by Robert Trippett of London.

10911 lantern181

A small handsome arched dial lantern clock (dial 7inches by 10 inches) made about 1730 by Edward Hunsdon of Chelmsford, Essex.

10912 lantern172

This rare miniature (11inch tall) lantern clock with strike and alarmwork, was made about 1700 by William Tomlinson of London.

  Brian & Joy Loomes

Antique British longcase, bracket, and lantern clocks


Englisch lantern by Henry Jones, c. 1680-90.

  Van Dreven Antiquair

Fine antique Clocks,
Barometers and Music boxes

01 lantern181
Englische Laternenuhr, frühes 18. Jahrhundert, signiert «Edw. Patrick at Parshore»
  Gerhard Baumgartner

Fine Antique Clocks

R9378 lantern172

R9381 lantern182
  Gerald E. Marsh.

Fine Clocks bought and sold
Repairs, Restorations, Valuations

h8453 lantern181
William Tomlinson, London

h8457 lantern181
Gamard, Paris

h8458 lantern181
John Mercer, Hythe (Kent)
  Northern Clocks.

Fine provincial antique
longcase and bracket clocks for the discerning
Collector - Furnisher - Investor.

cs153 lantern172


Quarter-striking lantern clock, c. 1700. Height: 40 cm.

mt152 lantern172

C F SUEDOIS ANGERS, A French lantern clock, c. 1650. Height: 23 cm.

mt154 lantern191

JAPAN. Small Japanese lantern clock, c. 1800. Height: 20.5 cm.

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9978 lantern171
Thomas Browne, Bristol A very rare striking lantern clock with alarm. c.1650.
  Carter - Wright

Fine & Interesting Clocks

la02 lantern182

la04 lantern181

Gilles de Beefe

la03 lantern182

la05 lantern181

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la06 lantern181

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la07 lantern181

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La08 lantern182

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la09 lantern181

Eenwijzerige Lantaarnklok op de wijzerplaat gesigneerd 'Le manceau', op het fret gesigneerd met het monogram LeM, Frankrijk 1724

la10 lantern181

Fraaie, zwaargeboude eenwijzerige Lantaarnklok, in ongerepte staat, op de wijzerplaat gesigneerd Mallard, Claude-Isidore - Paris. Frankrijk ca. 1745.

La11 lantern181

Fraaie eenwijzerige Lantaarnklok in ongerepte staat, op de wijzerplaat gesigneerd Rene Bodin a Angers - Frankrijk ca. 1740.

LA12 lantern181

Wings lantaarnklok Engeland ca. 1700 gesigeerd Jon. May - London

J07 lantern

LA13 lantern181

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  Van Brug Collection

Fine Antique Clocks and fine Art

5-024 lantern181

French lantern clock with satyr head. Second quarter 18th century.

5-020 lantern181

French lanternclock in unrestored condition

3-032 lantern181

Lantern clock made by Gouchon a Paris

5-078 lantern181

English lantern clock circa 1730

5-093 lantern171

A beautiful and rare French lantern timepiece with balance wheel, Suedois A Angers, circa 1650

5-088 lantern172

An early French Louis XIV brass lantern timepiece, Rousseau A Lyon, circa 1665

  Gude & Meis Antique Clocks

Fine Antique clocks

5241 lantern182
Clock Italian, ca. 1750. The arched brass dial signed: Clemente Pilloti .
  The old Clock shop.

Antique clocks

0249 lantern181
A good French brass striking alarm lantern clock ROUELLE A BAYEAUX circa 1730.

0485 lantern172
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0016 lantern181
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0472 lantern172
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0444 lantern182

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  Toebosch Antiques

Fine Antique Clocks
Barometers & Music boxes

128 lantern182

Fine antique Italian so called lantern clock. Signed: Vincenzo di Nuzzi Rincine C.1780. 

  Crijns & Stender

Fine antique clocks,
watches, barometers & instruments

10262 lantern172
Edmund Massey, London (England, circa 1685 to 1690)
  Howard Walwyn

Fine Antique Clocks.

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