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10103 wall191
J. M. French.
  Raffety Ltd.

Fine English & Continental
Antique Clocks & Barometers

0404 wall191
Morbier clock. No. 0404

9607 wall191
Morbier clock. No. 9607
  The old Clock shop.

Antique clocks

5-076 wall191

English mahogany wall timepiece, circa 1820.

5-056 wall191

An early German Black Forest Cuckoo wall clock, circa 1830

5-134 wall191

An Austrian miniature brass brettl wall timepiece, circa 1840

  Gude & Meis Antique Clocks

Fine Antique clocks

w11 wall191
An early 19th century mahogany laterndluhr of small size.

w12 wall191
An elegant rosewood Vienna Regulator. Made circa 1850.
  W. F. Turk

Fine Antique clocks

dw01 wall191

dw04 wall191

A Dutch so called "staartschipper". Friesland, c.a. 1840. This type "staartschipper" with date and moondial is extremely rare. One-day mechanisme,weight-driven, striking on half- and whole hour. Alarm.

dw06 wall191

J03 wall191

dw10 wall191

dw14 wall191
Een antieke friese staartklok ca. 1825. De klok is op de achterzijde van de wijzerplaat gesigneerd: H. de Jong. Deze uurwerkmaker werkte in Joure omstreeks 1820 (H. Bossink).

dw17 wall191

A superb original Dutch "staartschippertje". Friesland, c.a. 1840. One-day mechanisme, weight-driven, striking on half- and whole hour. Alarm.

dw18 wall191

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dw24 wall191

Bijzonder Fries staartklokje, zgn. kantoortje of notarisklok, ca. 1830, in volledig originele staat. Kasthoogte slechts 88 cm!

dw26 wall191

Stoelschippertje, gemaakt door DJ Tasma Grouw, omstreeks 1825. Het uiterst zeldzame klokje heeft een kwartierslagwerk op dubbele bel.

dw31 wall191

Zeer bijzonder Fries miniatuur staartklokje, zgn. kantoortje of notarisklok, gesigneerd J. Hak & Zn, Groede ( Zeeland ), gedateerd 1845 op de achterplatine van het uurwerk, in een perfekte, volledig originele staat.

J01 wall191

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dw32 wall191

Superb Frisian Wall clock 'Spinnekopje' with rocking shipps automaton.

w33 wall191

Zeldzame regulator, cartel d'applique. De slinger en het uurwerk maken een oscillerende beweging. Gesigneerd Breguet en genummerd 3540.

J05 wall191

c.1850 Miniature Japanese Wood Pillar Clock with striking on a bel.

V11 wall191

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FN01 wall191

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  Van Brug Collection

Fine Antique Clocks and fine Art

11166 wall191

A Double Dialled Shop Window Regulator made in Morez (French Jura), circa 1850.

  Market, For Sale

Objects for sale from various sources.

h7503 wall191
A fine French Empire patinated and gilt bronze Egyptian Revival wall clock with calendar
  Jonathan Snellenburg

Fine Antique Clocks,
Watches for the Collector,
Instruments of Science & Technology
and Decorative Objects

SkSw wall191

Double Dial Swinging Pendulum Freischwinger Clock

HSF wall191

Large Verge Dial Clock, John Field of London

B131 wall191

Rosewood Drum Clock by Walter Yonge, London

  Carlton Clocks

Clock Restoration & Sales

0252 wall191
A rare and attractively small Frisian 'burgomaster' wall clock, Friesland, Holland dated 1836.

0109 wall191
An attractive English mahogany inlaid trunk dial wall timepiece, Griffith Mile End Road, second quarter 19th Century, H. 48cm.

0190 wall191
An attractive Dutch Frisian oak striking alarm 'staartschippertje', circa 1830, H. 38cm.

0158 wall191
An attractive German Black Forest alarm wall timepiece, so-called 'Sorg Uhr', circa 1840, height 9.5cm
  Toebosch Antiques

Fine Antique Clocks
Barometers & Music boxes

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