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7944 wall181
A good and charming brass 30 hr weight driven English wall clock with going and alarum trains. Anchor escapement, ca. 1750.

10415 wall181
Amsterdam wall clock c. 1740. Signed Willem Redie

10753 wall181

Dutch so called Stool-clock (stoelklok),  early 18th c.

10787 wall181

An interesting Westphalian oak wall clock. 1st half 18th c.


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0266 wall181
A good Dutch Geldern polychrome painted alarm `stoelklok`, Goslink Ruempol, Laaren 1746.

0010 wall181
A rare and attractive French 8-day brass and ormolu lantern clock with alarm, mid 18th Century, h. 45cm.

0332 wall181
A very large and early Morbier quarter striking wall clock, circa 1730, signed Morell A Morbier

0132 wall181
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A Rare French Louis XV 8-day Lantern Clock, "Lefebure A Fontaine bleau" circa 1740

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dw02 wall181

An extremely rare poor man' s Zaanlander clock. Holland c.a. 1690.

mor04 wall181
Zeer bijzondere gesigneerde Comtoise uit de beginperiode 1720. Pierre Simon Iovefroy a Fort du Plasne en contee.

dw20 wall181

Een achttiende eeuwse stoelklok gedateerd 1747. Deze zwaar gebouwde stoelklok met maan, datum en dubbele zolder is een zeer uniek exemplaar.

mor01 wall181
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mor05 wall181
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dw25 wall181

Originele en uiterst zeldzame, vermoedelijk Groningse Stoelklok ca. 1745 met ankergang, maan, datum, speel- en zaagslagwerk. Hoogte 96 cm. Het speelwerk heeft 12 bellen, 21 hamers en speelt 3 melodieën.

mor09 wall181
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w40 wall181

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cs152 wall181


Thirty-hour antique wall clock, a so-called Amsterdammertje, c. 1740. Height: 125 cm.

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9976 wall181
Jason Cox, Long Acre, London. A fine black and gilt lacquered shield-dial tavern clock.
  Carter - Wright

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0105 wall181
Morbier clock. No. 0105

8907 wall181
Iron clock. No. 8907
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72 wall181
  Peter Zwaanenburg

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011 wall181

Een,antiek, hangend Amsterdammertje met notehouten kast, gemaakt omstreeks 1730.

119 wall181

Twelve-hour, antique, wall clock, a so-called Amsterdammertje, signed on the chapter ring: Willem Redie Amsterdam, c. 1730.

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Fine antique clocks,
watches, barometers & instruments

5-026 wall181

French lantern clock

5-086 wall181

A lovely South German painted iron wall clock, circa 1710

5-100 wall181

A rare French Morbier lantern clock, circa 1730 by Claude Reynard

5-119 wall181

A lovely small Swiss faux bois Neuchâteloise wall timepiece, circa 1730.

5-136 wall181

A rare Dutch Amsterdam walnut hooded wall clock, 'hangend Amsterdammertje, Jacob Hasius, circa 1725

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