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rr151 regulator182

JEAN-LOUIS BOUCHET PARIS. A Louis XV astronomical longcase regulator, c. 1765. Height: 230 cm.

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R002 regulator182
Regulator with Remontoir "Modèle royal".Robert Robin (1741-1799) and Joseph Coteau (1740-1812).Paris, Louis XVI period, circa 1780

R012 regulator182
Important Regulator with Equation of Time and Remontoire d’Egalité. Robert Robin Case Attributed to Ferdinand Schwerdfeger Dial Attributed to Joseph Coteau Paris, late Louis XVI period, circa 1785-1788

R011 regulator182
Exceptional Regulator with Complications. Jean-Simon Bourdier Case Attributed to Ferdinand Schwerdfeger Dials by Joseph Coteau Paris, late Louis XVI period, circa 1785-1790
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9431 regulator182
Eighteenth-Century Louis XVI precision regulator with one-month duration.
  Jacques Neve

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1699 regulator182
18th Century English regulator
  Charles Edwin Inc.

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t04 regulator182

L15 regulator182

Bijzonder fraaie en importante staande regulateur met kalender en equatie, gesigneerd 'Robin au Galeries du Louvre', Frankrijk ca. 1790/1800

  Van Brug Collection

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