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h7902 watch182
Silver pair cases, verge - Edward. Lambe, London

h7907 watch182
Silver/shell triple cases, verge - George Prior, London
  Cogs & Pieces

Dealers in fine antique watches
from the golden age of English watchmaking.

0748 watch182
iron painted 'porte montre' watch holder
  W. Kerkhof.

Antique Clocks, watches & Barometers.

lc152 watch182

CABRIER LONDON Gold, agate and diamond chatelaine with watch, c. 1760. Diameter: 47.5 mm.

lc155 watch182

CABRIER LONDON Gold musical automaton watch, c. 1780. Diameter: 62 mm.

da151 watch182

J.P. KROESE AMSTERDAM. A 20-ct gold triple-cased pocket watch hallmarked 1761. Diameter: 62 mm. 

  Desk Diary Project

Pictures to submit for preview and evaluation.

h7653 watch182
Interesting skeleton verge movement circa 1760 with a painted biblical enamel panel circa 1600 in a purpose made gilt case.
  Stephen Bogoff

Stephen Bogoff
Antiquarian Horologist,
Established 1970

9074 watch182
"Louis Duchene e Fils". ca. 1800. Diam. 58 mm.
  Top Time S.R.L

Vintage wrist watches and
pocket watches.

449 watch182

Wooden porte montres in various sizes and of different dates

  Crijns & Stender

Fine antique clocks,
watches, barometers & instruments

2347 watch182
opalesque enamel watch Louis XVI

3272 watch182
Silver coach-watch by Etienne Le Noir
  Dekker Antiquairs, since 1938

Antique watches, Jewellery.

h8334 watch182
Triple Cased Quarter Repeater and Chatelaine Benjn Sidey Jun

h8336 watch182
Gold and Enamel Verge Pendant Watch
  Pieces of Time

Antique Watches

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