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10099 watch181
No. 862 Gold repousse pair cases, champleve dial, verge - John Brown, London, c1735.

10100 watch181
No. 814 Silver repousse pair cases, verge - Steven Hoogendyk, Rotterdam, c 1730.
  Cogs & Pieces

Dealers in fine antique watches
from the golden age of English watchmaking.

3135 watch181
Peter Chapeau, London. Fine silver Coatch watch with alarm.

5658 watch181

John Willer, London No. 11870 pair-case, gold repoussé high reliëf antique pocket watch. England, 18th century.

  Dekker Antiquairs, since 1938

Antique watches, Jewellery.

wat12 watch181

Zilveren zakhorloge gesigneerd Gould, Engeland ca. 1700

  Van Brug Collection

Fine Antique Clocks and fine Art

2386 watch181

Dutch silver pair case pocket watch by Pieter van den Bergh, nr. 78, Rotterdam. ca 1740

3085 watch181

Dutch Silver pair cased repouse verge pocket watch by Jacob or Jacobus Viet, Rotterdam.

3524 watch181

Dutch silver pair case verge pocket watch in Rotterdam style from 'Daniël Soeterik, Breda', nr 85

HHBook watch181
Hollandse Horloges van 1580-1800 (beperkte oplage)

2419 watch181
Triple case golden Dutch Amsterdam pocket watch

7595 watch181

Silver pair cased Dutch verge pocket watch by D.F. Kehlhof, Amsterdam'.

0245 watch181
French porte-montre
  W. Kerkhof.

Antique Clocks, watches & Barometers.

h7637 watch181
Fine and rare George Graham English 20K gold cylinder and fusee antique pocket watch
  Stephen Bogoff

Stephen Bogoff
Antiquarian Horologist,
Established 1970

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