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1-014 longcase181

A fine Dutch burr walnut longcase clock, Gerrit Kramer 1741

  Gude & Meis Antique Clocks

Fine Antique clocks

191 longcase181

191. A FINE AND RARE DUTCH LONGCASE CLOCK WITH BAROMETER, signed 'Samúel Walker Amsterdam' (chapter ring)/'S: Walker Amsterdam' (barometer register plate), circa: 1735.

  Fontijn Antiek

Fine Antique Barometers & Instruments

7427 longcase181
A well conserved Eight day black lacquered clock in the chinoiserie design signed John Buffet, Colchester . c1720
  Pacific Antique Clocks

Fine Antique Clocks

h7583 longcase181
A very good, small, neat, mid 18C oak longcase clock with 10” square brass dial, 30 hour turned pillar “birdcage” movement and rare 1 1/4 seconds pendulum by John Godwin of Crudwell ( North Wiltshire ).

h7756 longcase181
A classic early 18C London figured walnut longcase of superb quality and 'stately home' proportions by Ed Robinson of London.

h7757 longcase181
A very good, very early, 18C walnut and arabesque marquetry longcase clock by Brounker Watts of London.

h7758 longcase181
An extremely early, 18C, blue ground, gilt chinoiserie lacquer, 8 day, longcase clock with quarter chiming movement by William Atkinson of Sheffield.

h7759 longcase181
A stunning red and gilt chinoiserie lacquer longcase clock with Vauxhall plate mirror door.The lacquer work of exquisite and exceptional quality

h7760 longcase181
A superbly proportioned very early 18th C classic "London" faux tortoiseshell and gilt chinoiserie lacquer longcase clock with caddy top by Thomas Cartwright of London

h7761 longcase181
A superb early 18C blonde faux tortoiseshell chinoiserie lacquer, brass dial, 8 day, longcase clock by Francis Gregg at St. James ( London ).

h8012 longcase181
A superbly proportioned long door figured walnut longcase with shallow caddy top, moonphases and High Water at Bristol Key (sic) by Andrew Hewlett of Bristol.

h8017 longcase181
A small, neat, high quality, early 18C, figured walnut, 8 day, brass dial, longcase clock with unusual calendar arch by William Gunn of Wallingford.
  Allan Smith

Antique Clocks. Longcase moonphase our speciality

5471 longcase181

Antique Grandfather Clock by Joseph Barber - London C1745

  Pendulum of Mayfair.

Antique clocks and Georgian furniture specialists.

9977 longcase181
Christopher Gould, London. A very rare William & Mary walnut 30-hour miniature longcase clock with pull quarter repeat, made for the Italian market.
  Carter - Wright

Fine & Interesting Clocks

10259 longcase181
Daniel Delander, London (England, circa 1710)
  Howard Walwyn

Fine Antique Clocks.

0273 longcase181
A rare and very good early Dutch loncaseclock,signed: "Pieter Klok, Amsterdam", c.a.1720.

0219 longcase181
An extremely fine Dutch longcase, signed: "Huijgens, Amsterdam". c.a. 1700.

0309 longcase181
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0345 longcase181
Ed Brookes

356 longcase181
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0395 longcase181
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0202 longcase181
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  Toebosch Antiques

Fine Antique Clocks
Barometers & Music boxes

8168 longcase181
  Raffety Ltd.

Fine English & Continental
Antique Clocks & Barometers

9076 longcase181
"Fabien robin London" early 18th cent. H. 248 cm.
  Top Time S.R.L

Vintage wrist watches and
pocket watches.

h7529 longcase181

h7536 longcase181

h7538 longcase181

h7540 longcase181

h7542 longcase181
  John Carlton-Smith

Fine Antique Clocks
& Barometers.

f1 longcase181
A well proportioned French 8-day longcase clock.

e3 longcase181
An elegant burr thuja 8-day long-case clock.

N3 longcase181
An early Dutch burr alder 8-day longcase clock
  Hans Kreft

Fine Antique Clocks

13 longcase181
Benjamin Rodgers, Chesterfield, c.1720
  Brian & Joy Loomes

Antique British longcase, bracket, and lantern clocks

l01 longcase181

Pieter Klock - Amsterdam

  Van Brug Collection

Fine Antique Clocks and fine Art

Early eighteenth-century longcase clock by Thomas Hutly Coggeshall
  Wim van Klaveren

Antique clocks & Barometers.

40214 longcase181

2 months going longcase clock 'Jacobus Willemore, Anvers'

  W. Kerkhof.

Antique Clocks, watches & Barometers.

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