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Tap link below for a Virtual Tour TEFAF 2013 CRIJNS & STENDER is a name of great renown, which cannot be ignored by people seriously interested in antique clocks and barometers! The Netherlands has a long tradition of clock making and hence of clock restoring. Since the sixteenth century particular interest has been shown in horological instruments and there are a number of major collectors in the country. This tradition has led to a lively trade in antique clocks and amongst the leading names in this field is that of Stender. When the firm of Stender Antiques passed on to the founder's son, the business grew into an internationally known company. During that time, Mario Crijns, who was then a young talented clock restorer, was acquiring the knowledge he used later to set up his own business in Breda in 1976, restoring among others things clocks for the Zaans Uurwerkenmuseum, Zaandam and the Time Museum, Rockford, U.S.A. He succeeded in the antique clock trade by buying only first class clocks, never forgetting the importance of authenticity, and always striving for perfection when restoring them. He also concentrated on barometers an interest frequently associated with clocks dealing with many important examples. This experience gave him access to the famous Delft Antiques Fair (merged with the PAN Fair in Amsterdam), The European Fine Art Fair at Basel and The European Fine Art Fair at Maastricht. The latter is now one of the most prestigious fairs in the world. He became a member of the Koninklijke Vereniging van Handelaren in Oude Kunst (the Royal Dutch Antique Dealers Association) and CINOA, the international association. In 1991 Mario Crijns took over the Stender business. Under the new name, Crijns and Stender B.V., Crijns became even more active than before, always trying to improve the quality of his antiques. Shortly after the merger, he moved to a country house, called Oosterheide in Oosterhout. In these inspiring and beautiful surroundings, his fine antiques are given an extra dimension, which encourages future owners to realize what could be possible within their own homes. He has not, however, forgotten his shop in Breda, where he originally founded his firm, but has kept it, together with his well-equipped workshop. Apart from the above-mentioned fairs, he organizes exhibitions at home sometimes together with one or two other antique dealers. The warm reception at these functions is equally matched by the enthusiasm and love that the Crijns family shows for their valuable pieces. Thus with the care and zeal the company has displayed for almost twenty years, Crijns and Stender has become a name of repute which cannot be ignored by those seriously interested in antique clocks and barometers.


Landgoed "Oosterheide"
Tilburgse Baan 1
4904 SP Oosterhout
tel +31 (0)76 587 57 00
Opening times:
By appointment only.

Also at:
Ginnekenweg 328,
4835 NL Breda.
tel +31 (0)76 560 01 02
Opening times:
Friday and Saturday
From 10 A.M. till 5 P.M.
and by appointment


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