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RÉDIER À PARIS. A rare French terrestrial globe clock signed with monogram Redier à Paris, c. 1875. The enamel globe on an inclined axis houses the week going movement with cylinder escapement.

• Dimensions: H. 20,5 cm. Diam Globe: 8 cm.

• Antoine Redier produced a small series of fine quality rotating enamelled globe clocks. There is a gilded brass equatorial band which is marked out for the hours and half hours and bears domed enamelled Arabic numerals (1 to 12 twice). The time is indicated by a decorative blued steel and gilded sunburst hand. On the first series of these clocks the equatorial ring is rotated to set the clock to time whereas on the second series, of which this is one, the time is set by moving the hand. The gimbal supporting the globe rests on a turned brass column with an octagonal black marble base. Whereas on the earlier clocks the mainspring is wound just by turning the globe anti-clockwise, with this clock the globe rotates freely. To wind it a two-pronged key is inserted through the base of the gimbal into a brass disc at the bottom of the globe which is attached to the movement. Rotating the globe anti-clock-wise will then wind the clock. The globe bears Redier’s decorative monogram, which acts as his trade-mark.

• The maker: Antoine Rédier, an eminent maker of clocks and registering instruments. He was born in Perpignan 1817 and died in Melun 1892, 'elève de Perrelet' and successor of Duchemin. In 1850 Redier was recorded to work at Place du Châtelet, in 1860 at Cour des Petites-Ecuries, Rédier et Cie: 1870-1880. He published several memoirs.. ("Mémoire sur le pendule conique". Paris 1861), and was associated with his son in 1883, at St-Nicolas-d'Aliermont. Used aluminium in gridiron pendulums and for escape wheels. Despite the success and a certain glory, he was unfortunately ruined by an unscrupulous banker at the end of his life.

• Literature:

Dictionnaire des horlogers Français pg. 546 – 547.


Price:  B.



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