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A finely engraved silver Butterfield type dial in its case with adjustable gnomon for latitudes 40°-55° North c. 1715, signed 'Haye AParis'.

The four-scale dial shows the following details: The first scale is numbered 3-12, 1-9, the second IIII-XII, I-VIII, the third 4-12, 1-8 and the fourth V-XII, I-VII. The compass has an eight-point rose with the cardinal and quadrantal points named in French and intermediate points marked by lines. North is offset 9,5° West to allow for magnetic variation. The latitude scale on the gnomon is adjustable for latitudes 40°-55°. The compass base is engraved with a magnetic variation scale on a ribbon background, while the remainder of the base and the back of the dial-plate is filled with a table of latitudes in two columns consisting of towns and cities in Europe. 

The maker: Thomas Haye a Paris was recorded to work in Paris c.1720. In 1726 he published Un traité de gnomonique.  He devised 'La Règle Horaire' and wrote a book about it in 1716.

Dimensions:  L. 69  W. 60  H. 35 mm.

Literature: Tardy, Dictionnaire des horlogers Français p. 293. 



Franse, octagonale, massief zliveren, reis- zak zonnewijzer met instelbare gnomon. Circa: 1720. In foedraal. Aan de achterzijde zijn de breedtegraden gegraveerd voor instelling van de wijzer van verschillende steden in Europa. Gesigneerd: Haye AParis. (Thomas Haye a Paris.) Maten: L. 69 mm B. 60 mm H. 35 mm. Literatuur, Tardy, Dictionnaire des horlogers Français blz. 293.



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