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Wim van Klaveren

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An early nineteenth-century English bracket clock with a mahogany-veneered oak case, made around 1810. The arched case has silk-covered sound frets to the sides and a carrying handle to the top on one pad.

The arched painted dial has been conserved by a specialist. It has a Roman chapter ring with minute divisions; below the middle there is a subsidiary date ring and a strike/silent handle in the arch. The dial is signed by the maker above the middle: Norton Clerkenwell. The case stands on brass bracket feet.

The week-going movement has going and striking trains and is driven by springs in spring barrels via gut fusees. The going train has anchor escapement with short pendulum while the striking train is regulated by a rack and indicates the hours on a bell. It has trip repeat (restored). The back plate has a border engraving, as has the pendulum bob.

The clock is in excellent condition.

Height: 45 cm with handle up

Price:  GBP 3500


Wim van Klaveren

8 Werrell Drive
Boars Hil Wootton
Oxfordshire OX1 5LF

tel +44(0)1865 321770
mobile +44(0)77 48658084


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