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CAROLUS RUSPINUS fecit Amsteldam A Dutch, eighteenth-century barometer with a mahogany veneered case, c. 1765. A fine Dutch, eighteenth-century barometer with a mahogany-veneered oak case, signed both on the thermometer and the barometer register plates: CAROLUS RUSPINUS fecit Amsteldam. The case has a moulded and crested top, surmounted by a medallion with a C-scroll. At the bottom there is a moulded reservoir cover and two drop finials. The air pressure is indicated by a central Torricelli tube in Imperial and Rhineland inches on finely engraved silvered brass register plates, protected by glazed doors. To the right of the tube there is a slot with a manual recording hand and the engraved text: 'Zwaarte der dampkring op een Vierkante Rhijnlandse Voet'. In addition, the barometer has a spirit thermometer with scales in Fahrenheit, Court, Réaumur and Newton. The thermometer scale register plate has, apart from the temperature indications, the following data in Fahrenheit: ‘Parys 1743’ (+99°), ‘Amst: 1750’ (+90°), ‘Oranjerie’ (+56°), ‘Groenl: 1 Juny 1754’ (+28°), ‘Amst: 1740’ (-2°) en ‘Upsal 1740’ (-11°). • Height: 120 cm. • The maker, Carolus Ruspinus is recorded to work c. 1760 in Amsterdam. • Literature: Bert Bolle, Barometers in beeld, p. 65.

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