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A white marble and ormulu mantel clock, signed on the enamal dial 'Vaillant a Paris' (Louis Jacques), date on the main spring 1805. The case surmounted by Concord's doves facing each other to allude the peaceful intentions of 'the two sides'. The pendulum with Apollon's sunburst. Louis Jacques Vaillant was received as master on 12 February 1787. Established Rue du Four Saint Honoré (1789), Rue du Tixanderie (1800). He died after 1817 (1821?). Sources: 'Les ouvriers de temps' Jean Dominique Augarde. Hall's dictionary of subjects & symbols of Art. The clock strikes the hours and half hours on a bell, is recently restored and in running condition. Dimensions: 47 x 27 x 12 cm.

Price:  € 2600.-


For Sale.


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