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George III period dial barometer by L Donegan & Co., London.

This early dial barometer is beautifully made, with the short shoulders below the cornice and the wide, graceful curve of the case next to the thermometer box that mark it as Georgian. The four inlays are of the fan style rather than the later shell and flowers form, and the case is outlined with checkered stringing of boxwood and ebony. Sides are crossbanded. The thermometer plate is graduated in the Fahrenheit scale and decorated with foliage engraving at the top. The weather dial is finely engraved with a large compass star in the center. There is some minor restoration to the stringing and the finish has been repolished.

L. Donegan & Co. are listed by Banfield as practicing at No. 3 Long Lane in London from roughly 1815 to 1835. This barometer is a few years earlier than those dates, probably about 1810.

Circa 1810
39" high, 10.25" wide

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