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F. Kats Antiquarian Horologist

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An important early 19th century dial barometer/clock compendium. Signed D. Butti & Zn. Amsterdam. It features an adjustable hygrometer, a level plate, a removable Fahrenheit/Reaumur mercury thermometer and a profusely engraved 12 inch weather dial with with blued steel weather and trend hands. The fine case, with scroll corniche, veneered in mahogany, is outlined by a triple line of boxwood and ebony stringing. Signed on the silvered level scale plate: Dto Butti en Zn. Koninklijke Fabrikeurs in Weerk. Instrum. (Dto Butti and Son. Royal manufacturers of weather instruments) The fine French 8 day clock movement with silk pendulum suspension, signed on the enamel dial: D. Butti & Zn Amsterdam. The clock strikes the hours and half hours on a bell. Height: 136 cm.

Price:  band B.


F. Kats Antiquarian Horologist

Voorhaven 4
3024 RM Rotterdam
The Netherlands

+31 10 4764475

By appointment.


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