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Toebosch Antiques

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A bronze sculpture of Diana the huntress, French school circa 1880,

height 83cm.

attractive bronze with dark patina of a good size.

The original marble sculpture is in the louvre in Paris, and is also known as Diana of Ephesus, Diane a la Biche or Diane de Versailles. It is first recorded at Fontainebleau in February 1586. In 1602 it was moved to the salle de Antiques in the Louvre in Paris. Diane chaseresse was one of the most famous sculptures among the sculptures exported from Italy before the second half of the seventeenth century and many copies are known, dating from the Roman Empire, to bronze copies cast in the 19th century foundries.

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Toebosch Antiques

Kenaupark 29
2011MR Haarlem
The Netherlands

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