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Precision Pendulum Clocks (Volume III)

France, Germany, America & Recent Advancements
This final volume chronicles the work carried out in France, Germany and North America. Renowned clockmakers include the Berthouds, Lepautes, Robin, Janvier, Lepine, Le Roy, Leroy, Riefler, Strasser & Rhode, Seth Thomas, Charles Fasoldt, William Bond, E. Howard and other important makers. Recent advancements in timekeeping include W5 by Dr. Philip Woodward and the Littlemore Clock by Professor E.T. Hall, almost certainly the most accurate pendulum controlled clock the world has known. Contributors: Dr. George Feinstein, Professor E.T. Hall, Donald Saff and Dr. Philip Woodward.

288pp. 12" x 9". 367 colour and 195 B&W illustrations.

Schiffer Publishing USA. 2004. £79.95 plus postage and packing.


Horological Books

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