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Directoire Pendule d'officier by Robert & Courvoisier A French Directoire travelling clock, a so-called pendule d'officier, made around 1795. The gilt brass case is of classic design with ornaments to the sides, the front and the top, surmounted by a carrying handle. It has an enamel dial with an Arabic chapter ring, which is protected by a door with a convex glass. The makers signed the clock on the enamel dial in the following manner: Robert & Courvoisier The time is indicated by two pierced gilt brass hands on the enamel dial, which has Arabic hour, Arabic quarter, five-minute and minute divisions. The day-going movement consists on the one hand of going work with verge escapement and balance with balance spring and regulation, and on the other of striking work on two bells (grande sonnerie, petite sonnerie or silence, to be set by a selector lever to the bottom). The movement is constructed between round plates and is driven by springs in spring barrels. In addition the clock has an alarm. The alarm time is indicated by a blued steel central hand on the chapter ring. The clock is in excellent condition. Note: Robert and Courvoisier were eminent clock makers, who co-operated for some time but also made clocks individually.

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