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Horological Books

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Clocks Their origin and development
1320-1880 | H.M. Vehmeyer

Published by Snoeck Publishers
Distributed by Exhibitions International
isbn 90-5349-431-6.
Also available in bookshops.

Insiders have known it for a long time. A new book on the Vehmeyer collection was in the making.

This time in English, much enlarged and improved.
A beautifully presented, two-volume book in a slip case. The body of the present Vehmeyer collection comprises some 350 clocks, which are fully described and depicted by, over a thousand, full colour plates. They are arranged chronologically per country of origin. The richly illustrated text covers the history of clock making in the various countries of importance: Germany, The Low Countries, England, France and, last but not least, Italy.

Horological Books

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