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A cartel by Jean Joseph Lepaute ordered by Napoleon 1808. Paper on an exhibition in the years 1920 in La Malmaison (Josephine's Castle) where this Cartel appears among other LePaute Cartels. On the right side of the portrait of LePaute. Diam 40 cm. Jean-Joseph Lepaute: Jean-Joseph Lepaute, 1769-1846, was the great nephew of the founder of the Lepaute dynasty Jean-Andre Lepaute, 1720-1789. Jean-Joseph joined the Company as junior partner to Pierre-Basil Lepaute who was the son of Jean-Andre's brother Joseph. The partnership was perhaps the most fruitful of them all and together they made a great number of pieces for the Chateaux of the Tuilleries, St. Cloud, Trianon and Fontainebleau. In 1811 the firm divided and Pierre-Basil formed his own firm with his son Pierre-Michel under the name of Lepaute Fils. Jean-Joseph Lepaute later took on Augustin-Michel Henry who was the son of Pierre Henry who had married Jean-Andre Lepaute's sister Elizabeth. Pierre later changed his name to Henry Neveu Lepaute and married Annais, the daughter of Jean-Joseph.

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