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ENGLISH TAVERN CLOCK Circa 1760-75 A wonderful collectors English Tavern wall clock or a Decorators Dream. This is an early 'shield dial ' tavern clock, also known as an' Act of Parliament Clock.' The case is of solid oak and has some restoration done much earlier. I will give details of case upon request. The original lacquering has become a shade less detailed in areas. The dial has been repainted. A full minute track should be outside the hour numerals. Hour roman numerals should be--31/8" Minute numerals should be-- 15/8", all done in gilt to match the japanning of the rest of the case. Fairly good flower decoration remains on each side and the door is quite lovely. Two gilt wooden finials are to surmount both top corners. keyed lock/thick door belowjapanned flowers/left side The original brass movement has rectangular solid plates, four pillars, anchor escapement and a five wheel train. It will wind counter clockwise. Pendulum is old lead and has convex brass covering. The imposing door on the front of clock is 1 inch thick oak. The price of the Tavern Clock is $5850. USD If it was in restored condition its value would be approximately $10,000.USD Height: 62" (158cm) Width at dial surround: 30" (76cm) Depth at trunk: 7" (18cm)


Price:  $5850.USD


For Sale.


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