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A stylish French classical marble and ormolu portico clock, ca. 1790.
The movement go's 7 days and strikes the hours (full) and half hours (one stroke) on a bell.
The énamel dial made by Dubuisson

Signed on the dial:
Height 49 cm.

D.D.(Dieudonné) Kinable. Paris,
Palais Royal. Galerie de Pierre, 1794-1830.

Clocks by Kinable are found in the British Royal collection and Victoria & Albert museum.


Gobin Etienne, (b. 1731 d. after 1815) known as Dubuisson, who with Coteau was the finest of his trade. After living in Luneville and Strasbourg, Dubuisson worked at Chantilly. In 1756 he was employed at Sevres as a flower painter, specialising in enamelling watch cases and clock dials.

Price:  €. 4.500,-


For Sale.


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