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A stylish French classical marble and ormolu portico clock, ca. 1790. The movement go's 7 days and strikes the hours (full) and half hours (one stroke) on a bell. 

Dieudonné Kinable (active circa 1790-1810)

Is one of the most important Parisian horologists of the late 18th century. Established at n° 131, Palais Royal, he purchased many porcelain lyre-type cases from the Sèvres porcelain manufactory, acquiring twenty-one such cases in different colours. He worked with the finest artisans of the time, using enamel dials painted by the famous enamellists Joseph Coteau (1740-1801) and Etienne Gobin, known as Dubuisson (1731-1815). During the Empire period, certain of his pieces were acquired by important collectors, such as the Duchess of Fitz-James and André Masséna, Prince d’Essling and Duc de Rivoli, a former Napoleonic Marshal. Clocks by Kinable are found in the British Royal collection and Victoria & Albert museum.

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