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Vertumnus shows himself to Pomona An imposing and beautifully executed ormolu and marble French 'cercles tournant' mantel clock in Louis XVI th style, ca 1860. The 8 day movement with 'Brocot' escapement (stamped Vincenti medialle d'Or 1855) strikes the full and half hours on a bell. Height 71 cm. width 50 cm.

The story of Pomona and Vertumnus is the classic Greek mythological love story, however, it is Roman. The main characters of the story are Pomona, a nymph, and her greatest admirer, Vertumnus. Pomona was the only nymph who did not love the woods. She prefferred gardens, and so that is where she stayed and that was the only thing she cared about. Pomona was very beautiful and had many admirers. Her greatest admirer was a man name Vertumnus. However, Pomona cared nothing of these men and only for her garden. Vertumnus, being Pomona's greatest admirer, could not go a day without seeing her. He would continue to disguise himself as a different personality every day just to go look upon her beauty without her recognizing him. She grew more beautiful each time he saw her, until finally, looking wasn't enough. Vertumnus devised another plan in which he would make her not only allow him to see her, but her to love him as well. He disguised himself as an old woman and went to see her to sell her fruit. When he saw Pomona admiring the fruit, he said to her, "But you are far more beautiful." With that statement, he kissed her. Vertumnus continued to kiss Pomona and she started thinking this was a little strange. Seeing her suprise, Vertumnus stopped and tooke a seat across from her. He looked at the a grape vine near him. Vertumnus cleverly used a metaphor with the grape vine, saying it would not be as beautiful if it were not for the grapes. He was of course, getting at the fact that Pomona was missing a man in her life. Then he went on saying that the Roman goddess of love, Venus, hated hard-hearted women like Pomona. Vertumnus took one last look at Pomona, and using the metaphor of the grape vine again, told her that she could not stand alone and should love Vertumnus. For Vertumnus had loved Pomona, and would never love anyone else. Also, he would love her garden too. With this, Vertumnus rose and shed his old woman disguise, revealing himself to Pomona. Pomona rushed into Vertumnus's arms, and since then, Pomona's orchard has had two gardeners.


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