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A German, profusely engraved, Renaissance tabernacle clock (Türmchenuhr) c. 1620. 

  • The rectangular gilt copper case with two hinged side doors. The moulded sides profusely engraved with biblical scenes.

    - Left side door: Jonah and the whale. Book of Jonah. 
    - Right side door: Simson killing the lion and Simson killing the Philistines with an ass jawbone. Book of Judges chapters 13 to 16.
    - Rear side: David and Goliath. 1 Samuel 17.
    - Front side: Abraham's sacrifice. Genesis chapter 22.

  • The top of the case with beautiful engraved 'dolphin frets' and five urn shaped finials around and surmounting the bell. The four sides of the moulded base each with floral and scroll engravings.
  • At the front a silvered chapter ring with Roman hour divisions I-XII with a single blued and finely facetted steel hand and a gilt brass alarm disk with Arabic numerals 1-12 and three small setting holes. At the rear a subsidiary dial with Arabic numerals 1-12 and a blued steel pointer to indicate the hours struck.
  • The day-going partly gilt brass and iron movement with fixed spring barrels has a compact construction with its going and striking train and the alarm mechanism mounted in the space enclosed by the front and rear dials. The going train with verge escapement, balance wheel and hog's bristle regulation. This pre balance spring regulation has an adjustable arm carrying two hog's bristles positioned to bank the balance wheel spokes. It allowed finer adjustments of rate than were possible by altering the mainspring set-up. The clock strikes the hours on one bell.
  • Dimensions: H 23 x W 13 x D 13 cm.


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Also at:
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