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An 18th century Dutch bracket clock. Pieter Schulken Amsterdam in a plain wallnut case. H. 60 cm.

The movement with verge escapement strikes the hours and half hours on two bells. The dial with a silvered chapter ring, date, phases of the moon and Amsterdam high water apertures. Paintings of a rural scene above six o clock, the four continents -Europe Asia Africa America- at each corner and, in the arch, an allegory on youthful hubris depicted by Phaeton's failing attempt to drive Helios' sun chariot*.

Pieter Schulken was recorded to work in Amsterdam c. 1760.

* Phaethon, challenged by his playmates, sought assurance from his mother that his father was the sun god. She gave him the requested assurance and told him to turn to his father for confirmation. He asked his father for some proof that would demonstrate his relationship with the sun. When the god promised to grant him whatever he wanted, he insisted on being allowed to drive the sun chariot for a day. Placed in charge of the chariot, he was unable to control the horses. The earth was in danger of being burnt up and, to prevent this disaster, Zeus killed him with a thunderbolt. 

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