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An classic ormolu Louis XVI cartel, signed on the dial Thómé Versailles. c. 1785.

  • Thomé a Versailles was recorded to work in the second half of the 18th century.
  • The enamel dial by Joseph Coteau (1740-1801). Coteau originated from Geneva but worked primarily in Paris, where he was established in rue Poupé, St. André des Arts and was received as a mâitre in 1778. In 1780 he was appointed Peintre-Emailleur du roi et de la Manufacture Royale de Sèvres Porcelain and for the next four years did piece-work there while also working independently in Paris as a flower painter, specializing in enamelling watchcases and clock dials. By 1784 he had fallen out with Sèvres and thereafter worked as an independent enamellist supplying the very finest dials, plaques and even fully decorated enamel cases to other leading Parisian clockmakers. 
  • The fine eight days going movement with anchor escapement strikes the hours -full- and half hours -one strike- on a bell.
  • Lit: Tardy, Dictionaires des Horlogers Français.
  • Dimensions H 65 W 36 cm.


Классический золоченая бронза Людовик XVI картель, подписанный на циферблате Том Версале. с. 1785.

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