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A rare eastern Dutch (Steenderen) Stoolklok, Signed and dated: Andries Schooltink 1 Oct. 1800.

  • The 30 hr. bird-cage  movement with verge escapement, alarm and striking trains.
  • The clock strikes the hours -full- and half hours -one strike- on two different bells. The rack striking train with repeater.
  • Andries Johannes Schooltink, Steenderen b.1771 Hengelo -d. 1835. 
  • Restorations to the dial and case paintings.
  • Lit: R.E. Wiggers, J.L. Sellink, A.F. Abbink, Achterhoekse Klokken en Uurwerkmakers. p 115-117. H.H. Bossink 1998, Oost Nederlandse Klokken en Uurwerkmakers. afb. 107.
  • Height: 69 cm. (ex weights).

Price:  band B


For Sale.


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