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Swiss ‘pendule relieuse’ (Neuchatel), by Jean-Pierre Ducommun, 1st half 18th C. Very fine pierced brass frieze, wood dial plate with later velvet, pierced engraved brass scroll spandrels enclosing brass roman and Arabic chapter ring, very fine hands, brass plates with chamfered upper corners joined by ringed baluster pillars. Verge escapement with thread suspended pendulum, pull quarter repeat on two nested bells by vertically pivoted hammers. Now in running condition. Jean-Pierre Ducommun is born in La Chaux de Fonds, Switserland. See the well known book by ALFRED CHAPUIS, „la Pendulerie Neuchateloise“ on page 464. Hight 34,5 cm.

Price:  € 5300,=


For Sale.


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