Submissions of stolen objects.

Stolen objects report.
To the care of the
Horological Foundation.

See 'about-us'
on how to report
'stolen objects'.

How to report stolen antique Clocks and Watches.

The report shall mention:

a) Full name and address of the person (owner) who submits the report.
b) Official (Police) authority to be reported to in case of recovery, with telephone-, faxnumber & E-mail address.
c) A detailed description with pictures to identify the stolen objects clearly and unambiguously.
d) Send your report to:

This Web Site has been developed to assist authorities in the recovery and return of Stolen Antiques and to enable Auction Houses, Collectors and dealers to comply with the code of Due Diligence.

Recovery of stolen objects, listed on these pages, shall be reported at once to:

Since this site is geared to visitors interested in important antique clocks, watches, barometers and instruments, we cannot accept reports of other objects.


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