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Sebastian Whitestone, Antiquarian Horologist. 

Sebastian Whitestone

Sebastian Whitestone, FSA, is a specialist in antiquarian horology and the history of time measurement.

He has been the director of Bobinet Ltd, a dealer of antique clocks, watches and scientific instruments, since 1978.
He is a member of the awarding panel of the
Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Genève.

Whitestone married artist
India Jane Birley in July 2008.

His current research is on the application of the pendulum to clockwork and the collaborators of Christian Huygens.


  Publications and articles include:
The Marine Chronometer (Asprey, London 1971)
The Clockwork of the Heavens (with A.J. Turner, Asprey, London 1973)
"A Watch by John Bailey" (Connoisseur, 1975)
A Minute Repeating Watch Circa 1715, (A.H. Society. 1993)
Freiderberger Einfallsreichtum (Uhren, 1994)
"Why Newton was wrong", (Daily Telegraph, 1996)
The Introduction of Minute Repeating (1st prize, London Clockmakers’ Company Competition 1996)
Tompion’s Smallest Clock (A.H. Society, 2000)
Mudge & Reynolds (A.H. Society 2004)
The Identification and Attribution of Christiaan Huygens' First Pendulum Clock. (A.H. Society, 2008, HF 2009)

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